It is time for us to be rewarded for our in-game achievements as Nintendo consumers. No, I’m not talking about the special glowing Triforce symbol next to my save file after completing Skyward Sword’s Hero Mode, but rather a console-wide system in which each game has specific achievements or trophies, similar to Microsoft’s or Sony’s deal. But unlike those types of trophy systems, this idea for a Nintendo system would have more uses than just online bragging rights.

Continue reading to hear my proposal.

As previously stated, Microsoft’s and Sony’s achievement tracking systems include special badges or trophies that are unlocked after completing superfluous tasks, such as acquiring a set of collectibles, completing a level within certain parameters, or blasting away to get a high score. However, these rewards are merely just tacked onto your online profile for others to view and gawk in awe of your superiority. Nintendo has no similar procedure due to their lack of a competitive online gaming community; nevertheless, the Wii U may finally put Nintendo back into the online gaming fisticuffs.

By scrapping friend codes and implementing rigid, personal online profiles for each player, the Wii U would finally be on par with Microsoft’s and Sony’s online communities. With this addition, hopefully, each profile will include some degree of stat tracking system, because who doesn’t love seeing how they stack up against the rest of the community. If the console were to include such profiles, this also means there is the possibility of including an achievements-based program; on the other hand, I hope to see that this program isn’t the boiled-down, tasteless version of its competing markets, Microsoft and Sony. This is Nintendo’s chance to gain a 1up on its competitors.

Currently Nintendo has a rewards program, known as Club Nintendo, which customers input codes found on their Nintendo products to receive points in the form of coin currency. These coins can then be redeemed for games, Nintendo paraphernalia, posters, and other Nintendo goodies. Each year if you collect 300 coins you earn gold status and if you collect a whopping 600 coins you earn platinum status. Members with either gold or platinum status receive a special reward at the end of each year. Past years’ prizes included a Mario plush hat, a Mario figurine set, and a set of Mario collector pins. This same program sponsored the purchase the Skyward Sword poster set, which could be redeemed for 400 coins.

Achievements unlock a set amount of coins.

Now imagine when these two programs merge, forming a streamlined achievement and reward system. Eliminating the need for both a Club Nintendo rewards account and online Nintendo profile, this program would be a great solution for both the player and Nintendo. Completing in-game tasks would unlock achievements (or the Nintendo equivalent) that would unlock a certain amount of coins that could then be used to purchase rewards similar to Club Nintendo products. The player would truly be rewarded for spending countless hours battling through Hero Mode’s hardships or getting the high score in Fledge’s mini game. An achievement and reward system would also draw in benefits for Nintendo; consumers would have more motivation to purchase and complete new titles.

It is time for us as Nintendo consumers to be rewarded for our in-game accomplishments and I would love to see Nintendo incorporate a similar program to the one I have just described into the new Nintendo online community and Wii U.

What are your thoughts on this type of system? Would you be more compelled to complete difficult challenges if there was the possibility of tangible rewards? E3 will be the omnipotent information source soon enough.

  • Exziron

    It would be a dream come true.

  • N64 Gamer

    Not all of us have access to Club Nintendo.
    Here in Sweden, there is no Club Nintendo, so the whole achievements system is rather pointless for us and if anything, depressing, seeing as we have to miss yet another feature. As if it wasn't bad enough that we see so many other people in England and USA get all these amazing stuff from Club Nintendo, now we gotta be even more jealous if they also get an achievements feature that will get them even more stuff.

    • Hack

      Club Nintendo WorldWide we need!

  • Mike

    I think one problem with having achievements based on single player events, especially if real world rewards are to be given, is that it can be spoofed. If the game logic isn't run on a server controlled by the company, as it is in multiplayer game, whatever data a console uses to tell the company that it has achieved an award can be be faked. Of course there are things they can do to make this difficult, but nothing would ever be 100% safe.

  • K1k3

    N64 Gamer and Mike's words are full of truth… In Mexico we don't have access to Club Nintendo… and I guess it would be too expensive for the company…

  • stan423321

    No Club Nintendo in Poland just reinforces the UK registration scheme, already known since Wii Shop CHannel not supporting us.

    I don't think "Games for achievements" would be the best system. Something definitely Nintendo-ish would be including some kind of VR system for match-making inspired by Sims and Animal Crossing, where everybody can see host's achievements as paintings, sculptures, carpets, and maybe even chandeliers or leadlights (the Wind Waker styled ones). Still I don't believe Nintendo would enforce anything like "a painting for an achievement" already having the bad third-party reputation, especially knowing developers' opinions on Xbox Avatar Clothes.

  • X_factor

    A very interesting Idea! As it has been pointed out previously, the use of Club Nintendo featuring tangible rewards and not being able to support 'everyone', may pose a problem. Maybe not Club Nintendo but how about the Virtual Console service? Instead of redeeming points for physical items maybe they could be spent on digital rewards making them available to everyone!

    • kaiser13576

      That's a good idea! I hadn't realized Club Nintendo wasn't available in all countries (stupid American assuming it was :D). Having digital rewards would make them available to everyone!

      • Heriod77777

        I am not stupid, nor did I assume it was. So stop being racist. Or what ever the word is. Only the American soldiers are stupid, who the heck would want to be a soldier? Thats no fun.

        • kaiser13576

          I meant I was American and stupid for assuming it was when I wrote the article. Sorry for the confusion.

          • X_factor

            I gotcha 😉 I didn't realize it wasn't as available as much as I thought it was either, but seeing the above comments made me think about something along these lines 🙂

  • !CJ!

    well I believe the idea behind the friend code system is to be more safe and family friendly. no one can veiw your information without yourt code. it's a good way to restrict random poeple from seeing your info. no 35 year old offenders seeing 7 years olds info you know? XD

    there would have to be some parental control system so that parents of young gamers could make sure only people they aprove of could see thier kids profiles.

    and I think one of the reasons Nintendo has been staying off the internet scene is the same as the reason for the sheik stone in Skyward Sword. they don't want people going online for the answers to thier games and haveing all those spoilers. gamers still could even though they put the stone in there, and unfortunatly the stone gave you the full and compleat anwser. but I think it's that or a similar reason (as well as a few others I'm sure) that Nintendo is so reluctant to do more with the internet.

  • Nintenfan81

    While an interesting concept, I don't see any benefit to Nintendo itself for implementing the "Achievements unlock coins" concept. They "pay" coins in exchange for feedback used to make better games, which makes for better sales. The logic there is sound. They get no benefit whatsoever for us to complete achievements, and it costs money to make and ship those rewards.

    That said, they definitely should include achievements, maybe with in-game awards or things like the avatar awards on the Xbox. Too few devs use that system.

  • Dale

    First of all, it's your opinion. Second of all, it's a shitty opinion.

  • Craig

    I love how your articles are always for American readers… not. Don't forget, Europe gets stars as currency on our Club Nintendo and you almost always only talk about when America is getting things… It gets annoying.

  • Zelda&Mario Fan_3607

    ooh! That sounds cool! It was kinda hard getting to platinum status, but with the many games I play on a regular basis, this would make it a lot easier!

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