Cakecrumbs on deviantART has made this amazing Skyward Sword Scrapper cake. He is made of almond buttercake, and crumb-coated in vanilla buttercream before finally being covered in fondant.

To see more of her creations, you can visit her profile here.

So, what do you think of this Scrapper cake? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Cakecrumbs (via Fans-of-Zelda)

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  • Heriod77777

    Link: FINALLY! My revenge you inconsiderate, ignorant, mis-judging, mid-leading FOOL!
    Scrapper: Wait! I'm sorry! Don't eat me! I was joking!
    Link: ( Grabs a part of Scrapper.) NOM, NOM, NOM!
    Lol, I was always annoyed to death by that robot acting lie hes smarter.

  • Ashmic

    I like it but whenever that "fondant" is involved, I don't count it as cake, it's more of a edible decoration not a "cake"