Nintendo may be releasing a new model 3DS at the upcoming E3. The Japanese is reporting no stock of 3DS, which may mean that Nintendo has a surprise coming at E3 this year. In addition, the recent price drop could be preparing for the new handheld release.

Source: Kotaku (via My Nintendo News)

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  • GreenWind

    No way…..!!

  • Mike

    No-brainer. Better battery life, built in circle pad pro (since we already know Nintendo caved to that silly bit of criticism) and let's hope; better cameras. Imagine being able to take hi-rez 3D photos instead of grainy useless ones :))

  • heroofmasks

    hmm well last year nintendo said no mew new 3ds modle

  • MrDudeyRock

    I don't know if I'm the only one that noticed this. But for me, over the past week, ever since the last week of Temple Quest or whatever it's called started. The new articles haven't been showing up, and today a ton of them have, but I can't access the "Older Posts" button because I can't click it.. Can you guys please make it work?

    • RedBearLuX

      Temple Quest was at the top and old articles were still being added underneath. If you were coming to the homepage and just seeing Temple quest, you should of scrolled down…

      • MrDudeyRock

        Ok, but the "Older Posts" button still does not work…

  • Keimori

    Interesting, we’ll find out next week now won't we, yes… soon, soon Nintendo, All your juicy secrets will be our, ALL OURS!!! *insert maniacal laughter and lightning here.*

  • Lucius Optimus


    DON'T DO THIS!!!

    • cloverplayer

      Ummm… Why?

      • Don'tDoThisNinty

        Because i JUST bought a 3ds. this would piss me off beyond pissed off.

  • Blizzeta93

    I wanted a purple one… but maybe i'll reconsider.

  • YepiYepyeps

    I reeeeeealy hope so! Sorry to everyone that has already purchased a 3DS but I have been hanging out for the re-model since the originals release…I'm still not convinced there will actually be a re-model so early on in the 3DS' life but here's to hoping!

    • Mike

      Don't feel sorry for me. I've had several months of fun with my original model 3DS, you haven't.

      • YepiYepyeps

        So True!!


    Are you kidding me???? God this is just awful. For people who have already bought non-ambassador 3DS this is bad. Any hopes to get a trade in? …I think Nintendo should atleast do that.. if not a discount. Im fourteen and I worked hard for it.. (walking dogs and whatnot) I hope they did something in consideration to those who dont have a lot of money. I dont find this impressive :c i hope they let us send it back to get it ‘fixed’ or something .

  • Okami

    Hmmm… Have you checked the japanese amazon?

    It's in stock. The only color that has "only X left in stock" is the cobalt blue. And that color is so nw so it would greatly surprise me if they would discontinue it so soon.

  • Explo’Si

    This is not true, Nintendo said they are not going to make any new 3DS consoles, besides different colors, they have made everything they could, and the price drops? Well due to good sales, they actually cut the price, and it also had to do with the Vita.

  • PrinceZink

    I wish there was a price drop here in Australia! The consoles and games are so damn expensive compared to everywhere else!