Did you ever feel like your hands engulfed the NES controller, incapacitating the ability to properly play your favorite Zelda game? Problem solved. This fully functional, life size NES coffee table, from Etsy user Charles Lushear, is crafted from maple, mahogany and walnut with dovetail joinery. It truly is a wonderful piece of art work and carpentry.

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After removing the glass, as stated before, the table features “buttons” that function as a NES controller and has a cord that retracts from underneath. There are currently two versions: one functional and the other nonfunctional; furthermore, USB and Wii models are available. Made to order, these tables don’t come cheap; at a whopping 3,700 USD the coffee table costs considerably more than an average NES controller. However, this would make the perfect gift for any Nintendo décor enthusiast.

Source: Etsy

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