We live in a politically correct world where we use certain words and phrases as so not to offend groups of people. In Skyward Sword, Ghirahim is one of the key villains and some have said he has expressed gay tenancies. Is it offensive or is he just a flamboyant video game villain?

In a feature by Zelda Informer, Dylan James points out that his three major character traits (vanity, narcissism and an attraction to Link) that are played heavily throughout the game are also offensive stereotypes thrown at gay men. He points out that while there is nothing wrong with a gay character, one built upon outdated stereotypes is not the best way to do it.

You can see the rest of his arguments, here.

So, what do you think? Is Ghirahim offensive? Does he cater towards negative stereotypes? Do you find him offensive? Leave your thoughts in the comments below! Keep in mind that ZU does not associate with any opinions in the article.

Source: Zelda Informer

43 thoughts on “Is Ghirahim Offensive?

  1. Milliontown says:

    He’s just a bad, gay character. Why does everyone have to find things to be offended about these days?

    1. I speak the truth says:

      I know why. The answer is people are insanly retarded.

      1. UnholySanctuary says:

        Replying to truth.

        I have no prob with gays. Some of the funniest people I've worked with at my job are gay.

  2. KingDodongo1 says:

    I'm sorry, but a cracked up at the title of the article. Of course he's offensive, he made fun of Groose's hair!

    Seriously though, his character is more than that. He kind of puts on an act for link in an attempt to intimidate him, but his true colors show when you get him mad.

  3. Richie says:

    Offensive? No way. He's vanity and narcissistic characteristics are due to him being evil, rather than gay. Is he gay? Most certainly, but is that why he's a douche? Nope. Heterosexuals can act the same way. People get oversensitive about these things. Just let it go and enjoy things at face value. It's easier that way.

  4. Keimori says:

    Mr. Fabulous? Offensive? *bawk* NEEEVVVVERRRR!!!

    Let’s be honest, he’s an over the top, narcissistic, sadistic villain that just so happens to be gay.

    He's evil first, gay second.

    I swear, political correctness needs to be shot in the face, with light arrows, with bombs attached to them.

    Folks need to learn to laugh at themselves like they used to, especially when it’s something like Ghirahim, just a fun villain, and not meant to blatantly offended people.

    It's like the whole Derpy incident; she's just a cute, clumsy cartoon pony, but bloody dumb ass soccer moms went ballistic and shat all over the folks at Hasbro.

    Luckily that turned out relatively ok, but I really hate this PC bull**** that’s ruining the fun for everyone, please folks, go focus your energy on real problems, like actual oppression.

  5. RedBearLuX says:

    Firstly people should do their research. The developers have said that Ghirahim is of 'no-gender' in that they wanted something that was different to Ganondorf's masculinity. A masculinity that was then given to us anyway through Demise. But the point is, is that Ghirahim is a sword, and as such he can not have a gender, my lamp doesn't have a gender and neither does my keyboard nor my kitchen knives.

    So now we've got the gender thing out of the way, and established he is in fact an 'object', how can such a thing be homosexual? It can not. Therefore Ghirahim is not offensive, because he has no gender, and is not a homosexual.

    But on a side note, people can't win. They don't include a gay character or a black character or asian, or whatever and they're a homophobe, or a racist, and if they do, they're stereotyping and are being offensive. And then the odd time that someone doesn't do a stereotypical gay character there is uproar because he was gay [Dumbledore from Harry Potter [although this is arguable]]

    1. EzloSpirit says:

      Good point! I almost forgot in my effort to avoid giving away spoilers (which I probably shouldn't have been worrying about at this point) that he is actually just the spirit of a sword. So "he" is an "it!" (or a "yt" or "he-r" or any other similar nonexistent pronoun)

    2. weevil17 says:

      wait you saying that the actor of dumbledore is gay or the character? because J.K. Rowlings Dumbledore is most defiantly not gay. i hate it when people do that just because to men or boys are really good friends doesn't mean there gay, like Frodo and sam from LOTR when people say their gay i punch them. i have nothing against gays but when people say that my favourite book characters are gay, when they def. aren't i hate it. but i agree with your zelda argument.

      1. Arya says:

        Actually J.K Rowling herself at a panel said that Dumbledore was gay. The "uproar" was because it was unexpected and wasn't directly said nor mentioned throughout the books. There's only subtext and very vague hints around book 7.

      2. Meowthfly says:

        So obviously being Gay is a negative in your eyes. Why else would you punch people when they call sam and frodo gay? And Yes, JK Rolling has confirmed that Dumbledore is gay…and its got nothing to do with his friendships with men/boys…geeze

  6. MyPichu632 says:

    What I think is that it wasn't intentional that he was like that, I think that they wanted him to be a funny character but at the same time they wanted him to be an evil character.

  7. randall says:

    I remember reading one of the first reviews for Skyward Sword by some online Christian site (the review was pretty bad). What stuck with my was how the writer was offended by Ghirahim sexually assaulting Link, and what sort of impression that would have on children. Now there's this article.

    As far as I'm concerned Ghirahim was a good, fresh, new character. Did he assault Link? Yep (licked his face in once scene if I remember). Did he talk to link sexually? Yup. The question though, is, was that his personality, or was he trying to throw Link off his game during those fights.

    This article would have you believe that everything he said and did was part of his personality. Personally, when I played the game, I felt that Ghirahim was trying to get under Link's skin, unnerve him during the fights. If I remember correctly, Ali used to do similar tactics during boxing match's (not gay, but you can look up if you don't know what I'm talking about).

  8. ZeldaPlaya says:

    Seriously people will just find absolutely anything to be offended by.

  9. vaatidorf says:

    Ghirahim offensive?!! I guess in a way even though he isn't human, but someone needs to DESTROY politically correct, especially in America where people go so far to avoid offending others and we end up offending our own nation. Whatever happened to creative freedom?!! Anyone who gets in an uproar about Ghirahim being gay needs to play through the WHOLE game since (spoiler alert) he is a sword spirit, and he only puts on the act for Link until he gets really pissed off and shows his true nature.

  10. Lilly says:

    I never really thought of Ghirahim as homosexual or whatever. I just found his attitude and mannerisms to be enjoyable and fun. He was like my favorite character cause he was such a flamboyant personality šŸ™‚ I'd have traded Fi for him in a second! I really can't fathom him being offensive to people…
    Besides like people have said, he is an item, not a gender-specific person. He has no sexuality. I think he did that sexy stuff to mess with Link (I mean seriously, if you see Link's face during those scenes, he was clearly thrown off and disturbed) and when Ghirahim truly gets angry he drops the act.

  11. Baker1000 says:

    Wait, an attraction to Link? Either I missed that line or totally forgot about it. I'll have to look out for hints towards that next time I play through.

  12. neos says:

    Hey english i am totally in agreement with you about how people are just so stupid with these things. But my favorite part was how you spelt bumb wrong.

    1. English says:

      Thank you for the complement, however i did not type the word bumb or in any way try to spell bumb.
      Get glasses. Also I guess i will kick you your down. get ready! Starting a sentence with the word but is bad grammer. Like and, and becouse it is used in run on sentances.
      EX. I like eating cake, but sometimes the frosting can go bad.

  13. fasejo says:

    When I played this game, Ghirahim was an awesome character. Is he gay??? Let me think??? Nope I don't see anything feminine about him. What I see is that he is tough and when Link see's him through him it makes Link want to challenge him.

  14. Twilight One says:

    1- Is the singer Prince gay because of his flamboyant personnality? Definitely not, he's married, and has surely dated way more women than what we young heterosexual zelda fanboys will ever date. So a person can be flamboyant and straight, or whatever.

    2- Ghirahim is the ''spiritual entity'' in a sword, ''he'' therefore has no gender, so no possible sexuality.

    3- I'm so tired of the flamboyant gay stereotype that I'll give you some food for thought. Do you know what a ''bear'' is in gay culture? It's a very manly gay man. While we're at it, Ganondorf, heck even Demise could be gay! Every man could be gay, so they should be considered as such? Man, where is the world going. Can't we just chill out and see people for what they are and not who they sleep with…

    Ghirahim is ANDROGYNOUS and FLAMBOYANT, so was Ziggy Stardust, David Bowie's alter ego (a married heterosexual superstar, by the way). Want more examples?

    P-S: Could we say that Fi is a lesbian because she refuses to talk and interact to the 'male' robot that carries stuff in skyloft. Or because she is very straight to the point and doesn't talk about the ''beautiful meadows of flowers!''?

  15. Jack says:

    you realize you’re all applying those same stereotypes you claim to oppose in categorizing him as gay?
    Nothing canonically classifies him as gay, his sexuality is not left ambiguous because that’s a completely irrelevant detail.
    also, hes a sword.
    swords don’t have a sexual orientation?

  16. Valerie says:

    I always thought glammed-out androgynous villains were kind of commonplace in anime, so I wasn’t surprised to see one in my favorite Japanese game franchise. If anything, I was kind of disappointed, because I’ve seen that archetype before. Evil–with STYLE! Anybody remember HIM from the PowerPuff Girls? They’re practically the same character.

    Anyway, it’s the 21st century and my state is legalizing gay marriage next month (whoo!). I doubt the LGBT community is crying about Ghirahim. In fact, they’re probably aware that evil is an equal-opportunity employer. teehee!

  17. spoonyone says:

    I'm just afraid that a bunch of little kids will play zelda, think ghirahims cool, and then act like fags

    it's not just concerning for society. You gotta think about how it's gonna be for the parents..

    1. Sumpeeps says:

      I more affraid of them coming onto this website and read hateful comments like this one…Then maybe, just maybe they might turn into a bigot like you…Monkey see, Monkey do!

  18. English says:

    I like the idea of Ghirahim just becouse it pisses off the gay community.

  19. Mater says:

    Who decided Ghirahim was gay? it's not like he ever tried to kiss Link. I thought it more of a taunting thing. I mean sure, he doesn't act like the straightest guy on the planet, but I wouldn't say he was gay.

  20. Haters gonna hate says:

    I am a complete and utter moron and no one should pay attention to any overly stupid things I say.

    1. opoolip says:

      Being gay is not a choice. Being ignorant on the other hand is…

      1. Haters gonna hate says:

        Care to back that up? It obviosly wasnt made that way.

  21. RPH1 says:

    Isn't Ghirahim supposed to be offensive? The jerk is trying to ruin things for everybody. I'd say Gannondorf, Agahnim, The Skull Kid, Vaati, Dark Link, Zant, Bowser, Metroids, Space Pirates, Sauron and Voldemort are all offensive jerks.

  22. HylianPwnage says:

    I'm bisexual and I think Ghirahim is just a badass character!

  23. Lucius Optimus says:

    WHO CARES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This is an outrage!!!!!!!!!!
    What does it matter if Ghirahim was gay or not? HE IS EVIL!!!! Evil people will always leave something thats negitive, it is in his chacter! When you start analyzing a games villain like this you will ruin it for EVERYONE! These politicly correct poeple are OUT OF CONTROL. I think that everyone should forget their political orientations and replace it with a little thing I like to call COMMON SENSE.

    Lucius Optimus out>

  24. Lucius Optimus says:

    PS. I don't think Ghirahim is offensive……..

  25. Trikeboy says:

    Ghirahim was an over the top, creepy guy, I didn't find him offensive in any way. He was mostly defensive. He keeps grabbing the sword when you try to hit him with it. See what I did there šŸ˜‰

    @spoonyone – If your kid is gay, so what? will you love them any less because they are attracted to the same gender? Get over it and accept who your child is and support them as any parent should do for their child.

  26. therush says:

    Whoever wrote that article needs to call the waahmbulance to take them to the whine store so they can cry about it. That's what I think.

  27. Hero of Geeks says:

    In order for this topic to be relevant it would need to be about a gay video-game character, which Ghirahim cannot possibly be (see above comments). The argument would also need to be more rounded (i.e. include several other examples of video game characters that are both "outed" as gay and have negative qualities, and compare and contrast them with "outed" straight video game characters that have negative qualities). Have others made a fuss about "outed" straight people with negative qualities being a poor representation of others with their sexual orientation before? I personally don't take offense at Ganon having so many negative qualities. Not to mention I can only assume his sexual orientation, as it is never confirmed in-game…

    Unless a valid example of the topic can be presented and more rounded argument made, I don't see how I could really comment on the matter…

  28. Kauku says:

    Ghirahim isn't gay, he's just an insane demon lord who has no respect for people's personal space and just happens to wear a jumpsuit thing.

  29. guddi says:

    Being a gay Zelda fan, I have to throw my two cents into this discussion.
    First off, I'm going to resist the temptation to school the people on here who've tried to turn this into a debate over sexual orientation. Some people choose ignorance as a lifestyle and will never learn.
    To the point at hand, I have to say that a character cannot inherently be offensive. You have to look at it in the context of the narrative. In defense of the developers, I don't think they intended to use a construct of homosexuality to make the character repulsive. He is repulsive notwithstanding his ambiguous gender. His (implicit) sexual advances are disturbing because he is evil, not because he is male. In other words, if you see Ghirahim as gay, it's not necessarily because the artists wanted you to. We have to keep in mind the inherent difficulty in interpreting artistic intentions but also the fact that this game was made in Japan for the consumption of several cultures.
    Finally, I have to address political correctness. It's absurd, the idea of censoring certain words and ideas (or even stereotypes) when they aren't intended to be derogatory or offensive. However, it's also wrong to reject political correctness by embracing stereotyping or offensiveness. That would be missing the point. If the artists at Nintendo had intended to use American gay stereotypes to communicate that Ghirahim is gay and therefore objectionable, that would have been wrong. That would have been perpetuating a culture in which misconceptions are fact and prejudice is okay.
    Thankfully, I don't think that was the case here. I think this is just a good example of how art is subjective to cultural interpretation.

    1. guddi says:


  30. Umyep99 says:

    I can see why some people may be offended by Girahim. Although it is not explicetly stated that he is infact homosexual, people have clearly identified traits within his personality that could be considered 'gay'. The reason for this is because homosexuals are and have been clearly underrepresented in the media, and most defenitly in games. YTou can't compare (like someone did above) Heterosexual representations of evil vs homosexual representations. As heterosexuals are quite obviously equaly represented when it comes to good/evil characters. I don't necessarily think its an over sensitivity thing either, its just that there is a major lack of representation in video games when it comes to gay characters. Then when the do actually have one in a vieo game, they are almost always portrayed in a negative light. If there was a more equal representation of gay characters, then there wouldn't be this kind of reaction. Think about it…

  31. TheMaverickk says:

    The thing is that people are making assumptions about the character that shouldn't be assumed.

    The first mistake is assuming that Ghirahim is attracted to Link. I personally never interpreted Ghirahim's behavior as attraction to Link, but in fact more or less an attraction to violence, and that Link served as his greatest source/opportunity for blood shed.

    Then there is his vanity… I have no idea how this is associated to homosexuality. Vanity is easily associated other sexualities as well. Even straight men, and straight women can be very vain and narcissistic.

    Anyway it's a dumb article and shows a lack of understanding for the material. Especially once you put into consideration the genderless nature of Ghirahim, who is a weapon (making his attraction to violence more logical then his attraction to Link)… and the vanity and narcissism can be tied to the fact that he commands legions of demons. His power and status are clearly where his vanity is born from.

    Someone is just trying to generate a buzz.

  32. JPathfinder says:

    He’s based highly upon restoration humor’s stock fop character. Fops aren’t necessarily gay, they usually love the extravagant and put on about being wealthier, or more important, than they are. I loved him. Yeah, he’s a fop, and if he’s gay, so what? He’s well fleshed out, extremely powerful, and ultimately succeeds in his objective-unlike every other video game villain but Kefka (who is also a fop character). Foppish menace for the win!

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