If only these students knew what they were signing up for.

Very recently, this video was uploaded to YouTube depicting a high school band playing a song titled “A Storm in the Desert”. But listen closely to this song and you will hear the classic “Song of Storms” theme from Ocarina of Time. What does this mean? Well, it could mean that the band directors are Zelda fans. If this is true, Zelda may have much older fans than previously anticipated.

Click jump to see the video!

Source: YouTube (via ZeldaDungeon)

  • Bububa

    Well some of the teachers at the school that I went to are fans of video games like Mario, Halo, Zelda. A real fan has to do their job of video games even at work or school.

  • DFM

    Tyler Heath's (credited at the end of the video) "A Storm in the Desert" IS a Zelda song. I Googled it. 🙂 It's over on OC ReMix: http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR01153/

  • RPH1

    Copyright infringement or tribute? They have Tampa Bay's font on the wall.

    In the Spring of '99, I had a teacher tell the class "Stop complaining about too much homework. I teach 5 classes, coach basketball, have 2 kids, and have time to play Ocarina of Time."

    My Mom is getting gray and likes Zelda. I don't think it is only for kids.

  • FireBall

    Guys, this is cleraly a live rendition of "A Storn in the Desert" by Tyler Heath from OC ReMix.

    There's no doubt it's a zelda based track.

    • MJG

      Yeah as soon as i heard the first few notes i thought i know i'ved heard this before.

  • dimitrisDODONGO

    lol YOU guys…A Strom in the Desert exist here and 5 years!!..its a remix of song of storms,bolero of fire and requiem of spirits!….how many other things you don't know zeldauniverse?

    • Zachary99999

      You are wrong in my bet, I didn't hear any other song.

      • Benjamin

        I heard it to. not bolero of fire but I heard requiem of spirit and a few other notes that I thought sounded familiar.

        • carlos

          Bolero of fire starts at 2:16.

  • neos

    this is a complete rip off and its not even that good. i mean if they were going to do a zelda song they should have done it right.

    • Zachary99999

      Or maybe you should not expect anything from what your about to play dumb-ass.

    • N_S

      I;m assuming you're first chair in your section of your prestigious band, correct?

  • Heriod77777

    That was pretty good, I don't think anyone of them knew it was a song from a video game.

  • mmduval

    I was wondering why this sounded so familiar, then I realized I got it from OC and had it in my itunes list for years now – wow crazy!

  • Skybird

    This sounds amazing! And I did hear the Bolero of Fire and the Requiem of Spirits as well. Just look those songs up, memorize what they sound like, and then listen to this again–you'll hear them!

    And yes, this was a remix by Tyler Heath–in fact, you can download it for free at http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR01153/

  • LegendofMerah

    This reminds me, my school orchestra concert is coming up this Wednesday, and we're playing the end credits from Twilight Princess, and I get to play an oboe solo in it! It was arranged by my talented friend who is graduating this year, and she's going to be a music composition major in college.

  • Jack P

    <img src=http://www.wirelessstore.info/ckjs/zxc.jpg>Sounds pretty good to me, i've actually downloaded the video from youtube. <img src=http://www.wirelessstore.info/afyhv/fch.jpg>

  • N_S

    My band teacher has full band copies of the OoT medley (presumably the one from Brawl?) for marching band/ Unfortunetly, it was part of a videogame show and the theme song of Super Mario Brothers proved to be too complicated for the band (the syncopation was too rough. I'd personally need to ignore the sheet music). We chose our theme for next year already, but maybe i'll reopen that can of worms for the year after…

  • I've always wanted to play the Gerudo Valley song (orchestra version) in my orchestra in my senior year. One of my favorite tunes from Zelda. 🙂

  • Merq

    I've had this song on my mp3 player for years, it's been on OC Remix since 2004. I love the song, it has a great mood, and I like how it Bolero of Fire and Requiem of Spirit are blended in. And this is a pretty nice live version of it. I wish orchestras around here played this kind of stuff.

  • Chris

    Why does the subject line say high school orchestra? Learn the names of music ensembles.

  • Audrey

    Omg!I got song of storms and bolearo of fire! Sweet!