It’s a common fact: there are thousands of Zelda covers that have been created that span from classical all the way to metal genres. However, this cover, which includes a whole album, ventures into a new genre for Zelda music covers—post-rock. Post-rock is often defined as the use of similar instruments used in rock music, but used in a way that produces rhythms not found in rock music.

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Johnson’s album goes beyond a single instrument cover and includes a pleasant mixture of guitar, piano, synthesizer, and bass. Included are twenty-three tracks from a broad range of Zelda games; each song creates its own unique mood. If you wish to purchase the album you can do so here. You even have the option to name your own price for this wonderful mix of Zelda tunes.

If you are more of the frugal type you can have a listen below.

The Legend of Zelda by Cory Johnson

Source: VentureBeat

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