Lately we’ve had a huge influx of Zelda metal covers. Metal covers for almost everything Zelda. This new medley is a breath of fresh air! It’s none other than bluegrass, a genre many people tend to shy away from. However, we think you will enjoy this one! It features the banjo and other bluegrass and non-bluegrass instruments.

Hit jump for the video!

Source: YouTube (via Kotaku)

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  • Dangerous-D

    Finally, something that isn't metal lol

  • Jonis

    This is awesome. So much more feeling in this than in the countless metal variations of the zelda music. Well there is lots of feeling in much of the metal stuff aswell, but its the "same" kind of feeling all the time and it gets really old really fast. for me this actually has a much fresher feeling to it.

  • Wheatley

    The guy played a saw… a saw… The first two we're pretty awesome and probably my favourite 😛

  • Elienkae

    I am now very tempted to go get a saw and run my violin bow on it to see if it really works.