Yes, the wonderful building blocks many of us played with as kids: LEGOs. The Denmark company is known for both its original ideas using LEGOs, such as Bionicle, and its other series, such as Star Wars and Harry Potter. Now, the company is considering recreating Zelda in LEGO form.

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10,000 people on the internet have signed a “petition” to bring Zelda in the LEGO world. This entire project was spearheaded by Michael Inglis, a British LEGO fanatic who has created several stop motion animations using his large LEGO collection. Nintendo Life recently interviewed him on his progress, and here’s some of what he had to say.

NL: When you set up your project for The Legend of Zelda last year, what made you choose that particular Nintendo franchise?

MI: The Legend of Zelda was introduced to me at such a young age. It’s basically been a part of my growing up. I invested hundreds of hours into Ocarina of Time as a child and gained a massive appreciation for the series. Being unable to read when I first played it, the scripted narrative of the game went completely unnoticed, so what I was actually doing was left only to my imagination. This initial impression of the game, I feel, was so overwhelming that every other game I’ve played has been compared to this experience and has fallen short.

NL: Initially you covered the franchise in general, but responded to LEGO feedback with a scene from the Ocarina of Time finale: why did you choose that particular example?

MI: As I’ve previously mentioned, Ocarina of Time was extremely impactful on my perspective on the series as a whole. The main intention for the set was to include all three characters. In Ocarina of Time, this, I believe is the first moment all three characters are together in adult form. Whilst the finales of newer Zelda games are far bigger and considered to be more ‘epic’, I feel they move focus away from the primary objective — saving the princess. In my own opinion I would comment that Ocarina of Time’s finale harnesses the ‘saving the princess’ concept in its purest form. As Link is charging up the seemingly endless stairs, the organ music gets louder, the suspense builds and we are met with a helpless princess which the hero has to save. There are no distractions, no other objectives. This moment, I feel, brings out what the series is really about.

In addition, during the interview, he said that his favorite game is Majora’s Mask. In addition, he has no real preference over 2D or 3D games, so we may be seeing him create bits from every game in LEGO form.

This is only a step towards LEGOs becoming reality. LEGO has accepted the idea, but are in negotiations with Nintendo to make it a reality. This may be difficult, but knowing Nintendo’s acceptance of K’Nex and Mega Bloks with Nintendo products, there is a good chance they will come to an agreement.

So what do you think of LEGO Zelda? Would you be interested in buying a set or two? Leave us your opinion in the comments below.

Source: Nintendo Life (via GoNintendo)


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