The second installment of Zelda Universe’s month long puzzle-solving adventure contest has now begun! We’ve opened the doors leading to Eldin Province. Enter and solve devious riddles and at the end of the fourth week you’ll be entered for a chance to win over $500 in awesome prizes! We have no clue what could be waiting beyond the temple doors. All we can do is wish you good luck on your temple quest!

(Stuck on a puzzle? Head to our Temple Quest Help forums for some good advice. But beware of spoilers!)

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  • Greg


  • lugeasilver

    Graaaah! So much site traffic!!! Can't even load the temple

  • greenglue

    What language is all this in in the quest?! It is not hylian…

    • kangaei

      It's Ancient Hylian from WW

    • Paulo

      A certain LTTP item allows you to read the language of the Hylia People.

  • Nate

    I can't do the middle of the first week because of certain "time" constraints of my schedule….. I can't do one part of it because I don't/can't wake up in time to do it…. Just sayin

    • albin

      maybe at the weekend? the game runs over 4 weeks .. so you'll have 3 weekends left..

    • Paulo

      Only a true "Hero of Time" can travel space and time!

  • charlie

    can somebody please tell me why they did the "r" and "t" the same way?? its so annoying -.-

    • cloverplayer

      to make it interesting ;D

    • kaiser13576

      Thats just the way the Hylian translates 😀 I even went back to check my original files to see if I had typed in the wrong character, but nope, that is just how the Hylian characters have been written for that specific font. 😀

  • neos

    ok no i am really pissed off. first it wouldnt even let me do week one. when i went to the link the doors were still closed. now it wont even load the page. what the hell zu what do you say for yourselfs i emailed u but u never awnsered me.

    • joe

      Sut up queer

    • Wolfy

      Lol, O.k., FIRST, calm down. It's not the end of the world, eh? SECOND, have you scoured the forums for any info as to what the problem is? Or do you just expect others to solve all your problems? THIRD, yourselves* you look stupid when you accuse people of things out of frustration whilst spelling things wrong. BTW this is only from a place of love my LoZ loving brother. (the world is overflowing with dumb people, and they're slowing down everything, so don't be one of them, for the sake of human progression, use your brain)

    • bastian

      Yes… The Temple doors are closed. You have to do something to open them. 😉 Also, yes, the traffic was too much for the server when this post first published and so the server was bogged down and not everyone could access it. I suspect if you try now it should be fine.

  • jon

    Just finished 🙂

  • TriforceofCourage

    That was easy

  • anonimous

    How the hell can i past the lost woods?!?! I translated the tombs but that doesn't work

    • Arya

      Just write down the directions that are obvious for you and then with the help of the tombs clues, fill in the blanks. That's how I figured it out.

      • anonimous

        Well,I actually translated WRONG one tomb. Now I feel like a total dumbass.

        • Fierce Diety

          It happens 🙂

      • lootic

        For me it reloads lost woods instead of throwing me out for one combination(and one combination only). Really strange.

        • Merq

          It did the same to me. I repeated the same combination a second time and that worked.

  • Nac B

    <img src="http://www.wsale.net/qy/oue.jpg">This is an easy one, I just finished too.<img src="http://www.wsale.net/qyl/ppa.jpg"&gt;

  • Great Fairy

    I just finished week 1 and 2, now I'm waiting for week 3. 🙂

  • FanaticalFan

    Are you supposed to be able to enter peoples' houses? I feel like I'm missing an important control or something.

    Also, if I am unable to translate the tombs (I have not finished week one due to the timing issue), is that due to my not finishing week one? Or am I a painfully oblivious individual who's missing what's right in front of her?

    I love Zelda, but I've only played Wind Waker, Skyward Sword, Twilight Princess, and Ocarina of Time 3DS, so I feel like my lack of experience with the older Zelda games might also make this slightly more of a challenge for me (don't mean to complain; a challenge is good!).

    So if someone could clue me in, it'd be ever so greatly appreciated. 🙂 Because I'd love to be able to complete this.

    • albin

      Did you check the bookshelves at the temple… there's a translation book 😉

    • Elienkae

      There's a certain object that gives you the script so that you can translate. You just have to find the object.

  • Tony Hartless

    Cool, just finished, hope next week we have a god damn hard quest!

  • Merq

    Oh I hate you for this timed stuff. I'm not supposed to be awake at this hour. z__Z
    (This is fun. But I still hate being awake right now.)