Drifting around the internet for the past few days, two new rumors have sparked the attention of Nintendo fans. The first seems perfectly plausible but the second comes with a bit of speculation.

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The first, for any Metroid fan, is very exciting news; it is being rumored that the next Metroid game is already in development for the Wii U. Apparently Epic Studios, known for games such as Gears of War, has teamed up with Nintendo to bring us the newest installment of the Metroid series; furthermore, it will run on their Unreal Engine 3.Will we see Samus embark on her newest journey by the end of the year? Perhaps, but until then E3 will surely reveal the details on not only this rumor but also the next.

Floating around the internet for the past week or so, a rumor pertaining to the operating system of the Wii U’s tablet controller has surfaced. It has been mentioned that a version of Android’s operating system has been integrated for the Wii U. Sounding far fetched, we may need to take this idea with a grain of salt; however, Nintendo is known for its surprises and this would be quite the surprise.

Do you take these to be true or are they just rumors? Whichever side of the fence you are on, the hype for E3 is definitely building.

Source: VG24/7 (via Nintendo-Town)

  • I guess we'll find out at E3 🙂

  • badwolf16

    METROID?!?! Never played it.

    • Heriod77777

      Dont act retarded like that, you look really dumb.

      • Nafi

        You look really dumb and insensitive using the word "retarded."

    • tom

      How have you never played metroid?

    • Mike

      You've missed out on something awesome

    • Shishimaru

      Then buy classic metroid games through the wii shop channel, and/or buy Metroid Prime Trilogy for the Nintendo Wii. It has all three Metroid Prime games, WITH motion controls, even though the original two were for the gamecube. You should also consider getting Metroid: Other M for Wii. It's gotten hate, but that's only because it's the newest one.

  • Kane987245

    E3 will definitly hold surprises by Nintendo. Let's see what they have in store! =D

  • jjb56

    I Love Unreal Engine!

  • Z-MAN7

    Oh I want this to be true, Metroid Prime 4 on Wii U!!

    Just stop and think of what can done with Metroid on much more advanced hardware.

    • Haviklink

      Prime series ended with Corruption homie

      • Z-MAN7

        Yeah, the old trilogy's story on phazon may be over.

        However they can use Prime's gameplay structure for a new trilogy.

      • CMike

        Looks like somebody didn't 100% Corruption.

  • Karadom

    'Apparently Epic Studios, known for games such as Gears of War, has teamed up with Nintendo to bring us the newest installment of the Metroid series"

    • Karadom

      Erm.. I hit submit too soon.
      "Apparently Epic Studios, known for games such as Gears of War, has teamed up with Nintendo to bring us the newest installment of the Metroid series" That doesn't sound good. Keep your grey and brown and cover systems away from my Metroid.

      • JonahTHD

        yeah, this happens to be my worry as well. That, and the fear that they'll return to the Metroid Prime Format of a 3D Metroid, not that that's bad or anything. It's just that Metroid: Other M, while containing a horrible story with a hint of sexism to sour it, had a brilliant gameplay style. Just stick the movement output to a control stick/circle pad, and make the first person aspect work more like the 3D Zelda's, (press a button to go to 3D and use the stick/pad to look around, press the button again to return.) or just use Z/L-targeting feature; Again from 3D Zelda's, to lock onto enemies, and you got a prefect control scheme.

        • JonahTHD

          *Had a gameplay style perfect for a 3D metroid* is what I meant.

      • Teehee

  • Tim

    Android on the Wii U-controller sounds really far-fetched. Putting the required CPU and memory into the controller for Android would easily push it to be a $500+ device, so everything is done through the Wii U. Running an OS (Android) inside another OS (Wii U) won’t be an option either, so it could only work if the whole Wii U runs on Android. That could actually be a good idea because that means a ton of developers could easily develop apps and games for the device, but I don’t think Nintendo likes to out-source these things, they have their propietary platformand they still like it that way.

  • @Z-MAN7 Noo, if Retro were to return Metroid back to its roots, that could bring the series back to the fore-front of gaming culture. I still think it was a mistake to turn it into a FPS and I maintain that position.

    • Bobby Emerald

      first person adventure man 😉 And the Prime series was amazing(especially the first), I don't know what you're on about.

  • Kokiri_kid93

    Awesome news!! I can’t freaken wait til E3 and more Wii U game trailers XD


    If Epic will be working on it, I can not freakin' wait.

  • Adventurous Knight

    Hope they are right about Metroid! Would get me to buy the system!

  • lootic

    Android would be a good choice, I dunno about the licensing around the OS, but for many weaker devices, intalling a modded android will make them quite capable. I dont we should expect android the way it is on phones and tablets though, Nintendo probs will do their own GUI, its just the underlying architecture(kernel, toolchain, runtime etc.) that will be android.

  • insekticide

    I'd understand if there is a UNIX based OS on the Tablet, but to call it Android ? Dunno. Imagine the pattents Nintendo would have to pay. I think they will program their own OS for it.

    • Leonffs

      Actually google allows developers to use Android for free.

    • Craig

      I don't think it will be android, but Nintendo's own version. Integrating that kind of system on a console is genius. It means that instead of going mobile, they can merge it with consoles as well as what phones have. It wouldn't surprise me if an android-like system was on other forms of media in the future. I really hope Nintendo make their own service… Possibly call it "Nintendo Cafe".

  • John

    "Apparently Epic Studios, known for games such as Gears of War, has teamed up with Nintendo to bring us the newest installment of the Metroid series"

    Lol'd "Dumbasses, Retro didn't make Gears…."


  • ert