Several months ago, around the release of Ocarina of Time 3D, several fans got together and asked Nintendo to remake Majora’s Mask in 3D as well. They called their cause Operation Moonfall, and have had some success with Nintendo. Some time has gone by since the last Operation Moonfall post here on Zelda Universe, so we’re here to bring you up to date.

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Operation Moonfall has begun to fade from the front of our memory, but they are alive and well. Even though Nintendo confirmed that the next Zelda game for the 3DS will be original and not a remake, they did hint at the possibility of Majora’s Mask after a new game is released. Operation Moonfall’s petition is currently at over 45,000 signatures, though they have a goal of 50,000. In addition, Operation Moonfall has 28,000 Facebook followers and 3,383 followers on Twitter.

If you’ve missed out on this organization, you can sign the petition at Operation Moonfall’s website.

Source: Zelda Informer