Nintendo are never the type to just allow game bugs to creep into their games unintentionally yet Skyward Sword has become infamous for its game breaking glitch in which a Wii channel had to be made to patch up broken save files on the latest Zelda title. One of gaming’s most popular sites 1Up has just released a feature which showcases the worst video game glitches to have ever been found on planet Earth and Skyward Sword has made the list.

See the glitch for yourself plus some more info about 1Up’s feature after the jump!

Skyward Sword was the only Nintendo title to make the list with Skyrim also being found guilty of bugs, the worst in being if you apparently play the game for a long time in one session with a big file size then the frame rate just seems to magically drop dramatically. If you’d like to see 1Up’s feature on their take of the worst game glitches then just click here.

Do you think Skyward Sword deserves to be put in 1Up’s feature on “worst video game glitches?” Have you stumbled upon this game breaking bug yet? Are you surprised that Nintendo did not find this glitch before it was released to the public? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!

Source: 1Up (via GoNintendo)