Nintendo are never the type to just allow game bugs to creep into their games unintentionally yet Skyward Sword has become infamous for its game breaking glitch in which a Wii channel had to be made to patch up broken save files on the latest Zelda title. One of gaming’s most popular sites 1Up has just released a feature which showcases the worst video game glitches to have ever been found on planet Earth and Skyward Sword has made the list.

See the glitch for yourself plus some more info about 1Up’s feature after the jump!

Skyward Sword was the only Nintendo title to make the list with Skyrim also being found guilty of bugs, the worst in being if you apparently play the game for a long time in one session with a big file size then the frame rate just seems to magically drop dramatically. If you’d like to see 1Up’s feature on their take of the worst game glitches then just click here.

Do you think Skyward Sword deserves to be put in 1Up’s feature on “worst video game glitches?” Have you stumbled upon this game breaking bug yet? Are you surprised that Nintendo did not find this glitch before it was released to the public? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!

Source: 1Up (via GoNintendo)

  • Magma

    The Twilight Princess game-breaking glitch was worse, since that couldn't be fixed.

    • That could have been because hardly anyone came across it :p

  • Heriod77777

    Yes, Skyward Sword does make the worst glitch list. I heard Skyrim was full of hundreds of glitches so I wouldn't be surprised to see it make first of worst glitches.

  • English

    Why…..why do we feel the need to write an article on anyone so much as SNEEZING the word Zelda? WHO CARES IF AN INSIGNIFICANT PART OF ONE GAME IS PUT ON A LIST THAT IS COMPLETELY OPINION.

    My goodness, get some real news.

    • QueenxLink

      And just WHAT would you consider "real" news…?

      • English

        Your mom

  • It's Zelda related so we must write about it 😀

  • Dom

    Never encountered this glitch. Metroid: Other M's glitch was probably worse.

  • TheMaverickk

    The funny thing about this is in my first play through I did Thunder Dragon quest first.

    Mind you I never triggered the bug.

    I did this before the game breaking bug was even found, so I suppose I consider myself lucky. I'd be willing to tempt fate again, I feel like it's not that easy to trigger.

    It's like the Metroid Other M glitch, never knew what the glitch was on my first play through, now I'm super aware of it 😛

  • therush

    First of all, how do you even come across this glitch? You'd have to do he game out of order.

    Second of all, that girl is literally the WORST video commentator ever. She should never be allowed to speak on a video ever again. She actually says "um" multiple times.

    • Sakume

      No, I don't think she's the worst. I've heard much worse. And I've watched a lot of let's plays. Which is essentially the same thing. You are overly cruel, sir.

  • LegendofMerah

    By the time word got out about this glitch I had already beaten the game. Skyward Sword came out right at the beginning of Thanksgiving break, so I pretty much played it nonstop. I did do the dragons out of order; Eldin, Faron, then Lanayru, but I still did Lanayru last. Only reason I started with Eldin was because I was looking for that mogma who would plow the pumpkin patch, and then triggered the cutscene. It just made sense to do Lanayru last, which is why I think Nintendo didn't think much of having that one Goron end the quest.

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