Source: ??? (via Zelda Universe)

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  • David Singer

    Can you f*ck it?

  • C_Mushkah


  • Hack

    So… What am I missing?

  • QueenxLink

    Doors to what…?

  • Wrathking98

    this is their little contest they have been talking about.

    • bastian

      If by "little" you mean epic, super tricky, and a month-long adventure… then… perhaps. 😉

      • kaiser13576

        Yeah…what he said.

  • What does the toilet man hand from Majora's Mask have to do with anything?

  • Angelo Mota




  • N_S

    BEN, is that you?

  • eliot


    • Heriod77777

      You mean first?

    • QueenxLink

      Not only did you EPICALLY fail at BEING first, you failed at SPELLING "first"…

  • Heriod77777

    I made a cool comment but it isn't here anymore…I bet a moderator read one reply, and because it had first in it my next posts would be deleted. Look at what I am gonna post instead of thinking I am a troll mystery person.

  • Austin

    What do they mean, am i missing something

  • Time door? We're going back in time on May 1st.

    Hells yeah.

    • kaiser13576

      You could say that… 😀

      • Craig

        It's obvious your making a new section about the gate of time – with some kind of flash interaction, going over the history of the series.

      • Oh really? I was mostly joking =P

        I do recognise it as a time door though. That scene from TP is firmly embedded in my memory for life. Didn't even have to make the picture bigger to check ^.^

        I look forward to this.

  • maikeru1992

    *starts playing the song of time*

  • asdasd

    I bet it's the release of TImeless Haven

  • Dragoon2525

    I think this is either the Minecraft server opening up to the public, or their fangame being released, that's my theory anyway.

  • Zelda&Mario Fan_3607

    *plays every song in the LoZ series on mini Ocarina hoping it'll open* Why won't it give a hint!?!

  • It's a secret to everyone until May 1st I suppose, 😉

  • Leendy

    Woah… It sounds so creepy!! xDD

  • CommodoreLive

    I hit search term "Temple Quest" and this article came up.