Taking out the garbage is never fun; the trash reeks, and if you don’t get it out in a timely fashion, it sits in your house (or garage) for another week, stinking up the place. But who is to say that taking out the trash can’t be fun? Or at least if you can’t make the chore more enjoyable, why not make the cans more pleasant to look at?

On eBay, 8bitthumbs is selling some Nintendo themed trash cans, some of which include Zelda cans.

Click the jump to check it out!

These are just some of the awesome trash cans for sale. You can find the rest here.

So, what do you think? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: GoNintendo

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  • mcderp

    This is pretty cool. Also, I just want to say that in the Monthly Poll, the third choice, the wrong form of "too" is used. It says "to early" instead of "too early."

  • RPH1

    What are those gold and green things floating above the bomb?

  • Brandon Baker

    How do I get one of these trash cans?