A forum member at GameFAQs made a thread yesterday stating that a “Midnight Purple” 3DS was listed in the EB Games catalogue. Hit the jump for more information!

Here’s what the GameFAQs member said about the purple 3DS:

I was at EB Games this morning, making sure I’ve got my pre-orders all sorted out, and noticed a listing for it under 3DS hardware. I’m placing a question mark in the topic title, since Nintendo hasn’t confirmed it anywhere online, but you know…out of the mouths of retailers. The fact that it launches alongside Mario Tennis Open clinches it for me…that purple 3DS is finally becoming a reality.

Could this possibly mean that a new 3DS color will be available for purchase around May 20 (when Mario Tennis Open launches)? GoNintendo editor said he called GameStop, and they did not find a listing for a purple 3DS in their system. Even though EB Games is a subsidiary of GameStop, and it is likely GameStop would have the listing if it were listed in the EB Games catalogue, it is still possible that EB Games could still have a correct listing. This means it’s possible the purple 3DS originally shown at E3 2010 could finally be available for purchase. 

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Source: GameFAQs (via GoNintendo)