In a previous post, there was a suggestion that Zelda needs to evolve. Apparently, Gamasutra isn’t the only one with this thought. In a recent article from 1UP, they point out some major changes which can be done to make Zelda even better as a franchise.

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In an article by 1Up, Bob Mackey complains about the mechanics of the series. According to the feature, the Zelda series is using the same tired formula they have been using since the original The Legend of Zelda for the NES. Each game is the same old get a sword, obtain bombs and the hookshot and going through the same general motions each game.

You can read all the points presented in the argument here.

So readers, what do you think? Do you think 1UP has a point? Do you think the mechanics of Zelda are getting worn out, or do you think it is fine how it is now? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: 1UP

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  • Frase

    Needs a big change up, remove all linearity of the game, the next game should have so many sub-story lines, quests and things to do that you don't even realise/know you are completing the main storyline.

    • TheMaverickk

      Except that Majora's Mask and Wind Waker could easily be argued as being very free roaming, and filled with many sub story lines and quests.

      Everyone likes to think that Legend of Zelda hasn't changed since the beginning, yet it's always mixing things up in it's own subtle ways.

  • anonymous

    I agree with the article. I am not sure how Nintendo can change it, but they need to change it imo.

  • guest

    i don't think it's gotten stale or old. i think that everyones taste in videogames has changed.

    • Heriod77777

      Exactly. My first Zelda game was ST, it took my breath away. I then played every other Zelda game so far. I am almost done, but I feel less continuously playing the older ones on virtual console.

  • Vladislak

    If I wanted Zelda to change I wouldn't be giving Nintendo my hard earned cash every time a new Zelda game is released.

    I'm getting sick of reading remarks that Zelda needs to completely change when there's nothing wrong with it in the first place. Nintendo has done a great job of adding new gameplay additions here and there, but if you were to completely change it's core formula and core gameplay then it simply wouldn't be Zelda anymore now would it? Just a new game that shares the same name.

    Zelda is what it is, and I wouldn't settle for anything less.

    • Jesshu

      I agree, if you were to completely change Zelda it wouldn't be recognizable in the series as a Zelda game. It would be something totally different.

  • Kauku

    I like the simplicity of Zelda, while with skyward sword ALOT of items were underused I don't think the series needs much this was mentioned in another post either here or Zelda dungeon ther should be multiple ways to beat a boss other then the dungeon's main item

    • Heriod77777

      Like in ALttP when you killed the third boss with timing, and a sword.

  • chris

    i love it when people argue like this … the thing is right people say it needs changed theres only soo far u can go befor changing what makes the game and on another point dont you think all games are the same call of duty its the same game just different guns the elderscrolls all about going on quests to save the world all games keep the same mechanic because thats what makes it although as kauku pointed out i would like to see multiple ways to defeat bosses and more uses of the items and some side quest additions would be nice but if your really gona complain about it then you obviousy dont enjoy the game as it stands so you play or buy it hmmm just dosent make sense

  • Whitney

    I've never had a problem with the series. What the writer seems to be complaining about is the gameplay; suggesting that there needs to be a change in the way things are received or found in the game but I don't think it should. It's how Zelda works. Mario does the same thing every game, I don't see people getting tired of him. Plus, Zelda at least brings a new plot with each game that helps connect the other games together at some point. So it's not the "same" every game. There are differences…some people are just refusing to notice.

  • Eximius

    If you want something different go and play any other game.

  • kaepora21

    Bob is a classic example of a pseudo-intellectual: using a lot of big words without saying anything. His main thesis is simply that if Zelda gravitated toward a more linear approach and became funnier, it would be better. That's it. And even that is wrong, as Jeremy points out, an epic quest is much more the feel of the series. Wind Waker was an awesome anomaly, but it is still an anomaly, and with good reason; it doesn't fit the gritty adventure nature of OoT, LttP, or TP.

    Also Jeremy is quite right, the games have become predictable. But people enjoy some level of familiarity in games. The key is to keep most of the mechanics of the game similar, but tweak the world just enough to make it seem completely new. MM is a perfect example. The use of masks, the change in dungeon and overworld layout, the addition of the time all provided sufficient "tweaking" while maintaining a high level of familiarity.

    Sure, it's a lot of finessing, but if done right, would move the series in the right direction. Simply changing a timeline chronology and a few graphics will provide no substantive satisfaction for change in the Legend of Zelda.

    • Banooru

      I like how you used MM as an example.

      Personally, I like the Zelda formula just how it is. It makes really great games. But video games (or at least Zelda games) are a work of art, and they can't always be broken up into components that make them "good" or "bad". The Zelda formula provides a good platform to build off of, and every once and a while something mind blowing comes from it.

  • Asaw

    The Zelda games are great and fine they way they have always been. The people who want a change are crazy and very stupid.

  • Sanity's_Theif

    I think in terms of change, Majora's Mask set the bar and the limit for how much change should be made to the series, I would love to see another Zelda game deviate from it's roots like what Majora's Mask did, more sub-storylines/sidequests and more technical and difficult combat, that's it, I don't think that's much to ask for, a lot of people want a harder Zelda considering how easy they are

    • Vinylzen


      It's very indeed possible to make a new zelda game thats "new" and fresh, deviating enough from the formula to feel different without losing the "zelda touch".

      Shame on the people who think the series needs a complete stylistic overhaul and shame on the people who think it needs absolutely no changing and needs to stay the exact same forever. Theres a happy medium somewhere.

      Also last time I checked, everyone now is complaining about how Twilight Princess was "too similar" to Ocarina of Time.

      • Heriod77777

        ^ LOL! They are very stupid, people yelled " WE WANT ANOTHER GAME LIKE OCARINA OF TIME!" After Twilight Princess: " Its too similar to Ocarina of Time."

  • MegamanOmega

    I'd say after really thinking about it Zelda does need a bit of a change but nothing as dramatic as what Bob and Jeremy stated. Something akin to a Paper Mario equivalent to Zelda wouldn't really be what fans are looking for rather that would be just placing Zelda characters in a whole new genre. While proven to have worked before (ex: Paper Mario turning a side scroller action into an RPG or Metroid Prime turning a side scroller exploration game into a FPS) this isn't necessarily what Zelda needs right now.

    Its hard to really put into words what I think could be done however the way I see it is basically take it like this.

    What do you like about Zelda?
    What do you expect from Zelda?

    Now there are elements from Zelda that match both questions. I like a lush over world, I like slowly collecting an arsenal of varying equipment, and I like deep dungeons that really test your problem solving with puzzles and skill when dealing with enemies specifically tailored to a challenge not found anywhere else in the game. Things like that are mainstays we enjoy and why we became fans in the first place, so things like this we will want in a new game.

    However there are also things you expect. I expect to get a sword and shield before going onto my first dungeon, I expect to find a dungeon that is VERY tailored to the bow and arrows, and I expect to use the weapon I got in the dungeon to fight the boss is some subtle or obvious way. These are things we've grown to expect but not necessarily things that we really became nor have stayed fans for. These things can be changed/removed while still keeping the essence that is Zelda and changed for the better.

    Take this for example ten years from now you're looking back on Skyward Sword. What are you going to remember better or hold more fond memories towards? Moldarach of the Lanayru Mining Facility where you used the Gust Bellows for the majority of the battle? Or Ghirahim of Skyview Temple where despite the primary item being the Beetle you still were expected to have mastered your sword fighting skills rather than how well you could steer the Beetle? To people who say Zelda needs no change let me ask you would that battle of been better if it was more traditional? If say you fought some…giant armadillo like creature where the way to beat it was to use the beetle to attack its glowing tail allowing you to stun it so you can attack with your sword would that of been better? Would that have stuck with you or would it have been more of the same?

    • MegamanOmega

      I remember in an interview that when designing Skyward Sword one of the things to be in the game would be dungeons without bosses and bosses without dungeons. While that was implemented slightly in the final release it sisn't really have the impact I was hoping it would. The idea of really shaking up the dungeon logic excites me and could really have a positive imact on a new Zelda game.

      Take for example if rather than the traditional find dungeon, get item, use item a lot in dungeon, use item on boss logic was changed, and not just in one or two token dungeons that are a little different from the rest I mean really going into a dungeon and not really knowing what to expect. Take if you would fighting through a dungeon but ultimately you never found a dungeon item but you found the boss and had to beat him with your skill alone or try mixing your sword skill with previously acquired items. What would it be like after gaining a few items and exploring the over world you find a hidden secret only slightly mentioned by an NPC and you find a powerful item inside no dungeon just explore. Take for example you're exploring a more dangerous portion of the over world and you're attacked by a boss right there. No dungeon just fight. Take the idea of returning to a previous dungeon however the place has changed dramatically and expanded being really the same in memory only forcing you to take it in a whole new mindset.

      You may say such suggestions are hearsay to a diehard Zelda fan however if you really let it sink in these idea's are not unknown or unused by Nintendo. Fighting a boss without the dungeon item? Remind me again what Moldorm or Blind from Link to the Past were? Sure you got the Moon pearl or Titan's Mitt respectively but did you really use them? Or even using the item in the dungeon but not on the boss did you use the fire or ice arrows on Goht or Gyorg in Majora's Mask? Finding a powerful item outside a dungeon oh how about the Hookshot from Ocarina of time of a better example the Ice Rod from Link to the Past. Take fighting Bilocyte no dungeon just exploring the over world and bam boss fight. I think that could be done better less scripted and more coincidental to your exploring but I won't argue with change when it's good. And reexploring dungeons. This was semi done in Skyview temple however it didn't have much impact. Imagine going through there and your traditional paths you took before are now cut off however new paths have opened. It would be the same dungeon yes but under whole new mindset.

      All in all what I think the series needs is a change is expectations. The Zelda series as a whole has always been about exploring someplace new and mysterious. Miyamoto himself said his inspiration for Zelda has been exploring caves a child. However the thrill of exploration is dimmed and diminished if we know what to expect going in. If you can design a game where the player really does not know what they're getting into while exploring then THAT is what will make a great Zelda game.

      • Heriod77777

        A godd example is in Twilight Princess with King Bulblin taking Cawlin to Hyrule Field.

  • Dinosaur Puncher

    Zelda games never do anything really new to change how the games FEEL, you know? I mean unless you count Adventure of Link or Link's Awakening or Majora's Mask or Wind Waker or Four Swords Adventures or Phantom Hourglass or Spirit Tracks or Skyward Sword.

    Wait, I think this argument that keeps coming up might be stupid or something.

  • shnizalwizal

    Why does everyone get so angry at Zelda?

    Every Call of Duty games play the same and don't change.
    Every Halo game plays the same and doesn't change.
    Every God of War plays the same and doesn't change.
    Every Uncharted plays the same and doesn't change.
    Every Bioware game plays the same and doesn't change.
    Every Elder Scrolls plays the same and doesn't change.

    *saw this comment on the 1up site*

    • anon

      I think the problem is that Zelda has been around for 25 years. These games haven't. Maybe if these games were as old of zelda people would start complaining about them too…

    • Banooru

      Those are "time passing" games.

      Zelda has substance behind it so we REALLY want a new experience. Like some others have already posted here, Majora's Mask and Wind Waker are perfect examples of Zelda games that deviated from classic Zelda mechanics and style.

      Unfortunately, Nintendo risks alienating fans exactly like they did with Majora's Mask and Wind Waker if they do dare to deviate.

  • Megan

    Change it into what? A first-person-shooter like almost everything else? XD What I would be concerned with (which has been mentioned before) is losing the feeling that I am playing a Zelda game. I like the free-roaming idea, where you have other places to explore and plots to follow, but hasn't Majora's Mask and Wind Waker incorporated that already? Perhaps it could be even more expansive than it has been.

    While I also like Megaman Omega's comment about dungeons without bosses and bosses without dungeons, I don't exactly like the idea of reusing dungeons over and over again (while the pathways are changed). But I suppose how that idea is utilized could change my mind; maybe a balance of reusing and new.

    I liked how in Majora's Mask it was a completely different world than Hyrule. While I love Hyrule, it made me slightly uncomfortable (in a good way) not knowing what kinds of locations I would be visiting.

    Another random idea, though I'm not sure how this would be received by others, is having Link fight evil and darkness in the world around him, and having having him fight with the darkness within himself. Maybe not as macro of a concept, but micro instead. I love Link in all his forms, but maybe it would make him a deeper, more dynamic hero. He is always so steadfast, but he can't be so good all the time…but that is also what I like about him!

    All I know is that when Nintendo comes out with a new Zelda game, I will go out and buy it and play. ^_^

  • chris z

    They tried changing it before… how many people count adventures of link as their favorite Zelda game?

    While I agree it is very formulaic they do make subtle changes. The bottom line is people want the same Zelda with pretty graphics and some slightly altered story/gameplay elements. Any time they deviate too far they get slammed… the time mechanic in MM… unpopular. The entirety of adventures of link/3DI games are some of the most critically panned games around.

    • Heriod77777

      AoL will probably be in my top three favorites after I am done, its a beautiful, large over world with certain mechanics I love. Such as: After dying you return to the beginning, jumping or ducking, a lot of towns. The time mechanic in MM was probably one of the awesomest things I will ever find in Zelda. I am not sure if you played any of these games, I bet you haven't.

  • The Grave

    For me personally, I would love to see Zelda go back to the more non-linear free-roaming aspects of the 2-D and early 3-D games. Ever since Phantom Hourglass, I've been feeling like the Zelda series has become more and more linear and I feel like I have less freedom to explore (Spirit Tracks is a shining example of this). I'm not saying the Zelda series needs to go all GTA/Elder Scrolls on us, but it would nice to have some of the freedom that we had like on say…A Link to the Past or Ocarina of Time. Even Twilight Princess had that element of exploration, even if the world was a bit empty, it was still cool to explore every little area of Hyrule to see what I could find. With Skyward Sword, it was like, "Well I beat the Skyview Temple, now it's time to head back to Skyloft".

    Overall, I don't think the Zelda series needs so much of a change, as they just need to realize what made games like A Link to the Past, Ocarina of Time, and Wind Waker so great in the first place. The more they tone down the exploration aspects (as they have done in recent titled) the more stagnant and stale the series is going to become. At least, in my opinion.

  • lwwebdev

    I don't get why gaming journalists are so harsh on Zelda. First of all, the argument that all Zelda games have the same formula is questionable (Adventure of Link, Majora's Mask anyone?) and, so what if they use the same formula? It's not the formula that makes the game, it's the execution of it, and that's an area where Zelda games are more creative and varied than most other franchises. And in no way is the formula tiered.
    By this writer's reasoning, every single FPS game, from Quake to CoD are identical; find a gun – shoot bad guys – find another gun – repeat.

    And the things they suggest to change in Zelda are ridiculous.
    Autosave and instant respawn!? NO! Just no. Zelda is an adventure, not fast-paced action FPS.
    Voice acting is another of those silly suggestions where the writers unknowingly and embarrasingly display that they simply don't get Zelda.

  • ComicalGamer

    I like Zelda the way it is. I'm not saying it shouldn't change but, I just never found anything wrong with the core formula of the game. I just find that every Zelda is fun in its own way.

    • Banooru

      I agree that nothing is wrong with the core formula of the series, but I have a hard time deciding what is the core formula of the series.

  • !CJ!

    I've not read to comments here, so mine is only on the artical.
    I like Zelda. I've always liked Zelda. I always WILL like Zelda. no question about it. no matter what.

    but they need to fix some things. I agree, "here's the world, here's ther problem, here's where you are, there's a dungeon, here's and item, now get there," and then, "in the dungeon now, you found and item, you found the boss, kill the boss with the item, finished dungeon." then, "back in overworld, watch this scene, go explore/solve a few puzzles, oh look there's the next dungeon, go in, get item, kill boss with item,"

    there's the game right there. there's most of the games actually. I know, I know, there's ALOT more in it than JUST that. but at the end of the day, that' all I feel like I've done. I want something new.

    read the rest of my little response artical here:… .

  • LegendofMerah

    I completely disagree. So basically the main argument here is that Zelda takes itself too seriosly, and well, it does, at the appropriate times. But arguing that Zelda games are too serious is an invalid argument. Zelda games have some of the weirdest things in them, even Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword, contrary to the article. In Twilight Princess, you get to the desert via cannon run by an obese clown, and in Skyward Sword you give some kid's love letter to a hand in the toilet, who in turn falls in love with him. And yes, the Zelda series has an epic story and timeline that it revolves around, but that's because it's Nintendo's most epic franchise. It doesn't take itself too seriously all the time, but the main plot is always concrete.

    Arguing that Wind Waker was the last game that did it right in terms of being more whimsical is also invalid. If you look past the cartoonish style and some of the humorous dialogue and scenarios, it has one of the darkest plots of all the Zelda games, and it is every bit as serious as, say, Twilight Princess. Both of these games are epic, and both of them are humorous and whimsical as well.

    Now, this isn't to say that I don't think they could change the Zelda series, but all the changes that need to be made require going back to how the older games were. No major changes needed, but I do think it should be a bit less linear. As much as I loved Skyward Sword, the game held your hand a little too much, and as full as the overworld was, it was too condensed, leaving little room for exploration. There needs to be a happy medium between this and Twilight Princess's large, but empty overworld. I think there should be less guidance along the way, because it seems like every step of the way, there is someone telling you exactly what to do or where to go. I think they should do something similar to (and you guys are gonna hate me for this) Zelda II. No I'm not saying make it an RPG with insane difficulty, but I'm saying that you will be able to find and talk to NPC's who will give you guidance, but not be led directly to them by the game. So there is guidance, but exploring is still required in order to find out what to do. I feel that this is a good happy medium between SS's hand holding and Zelda 1's ultimate lack of instruction. Also, I really hope they get rid of the hint movies. I think it's really stupid to give people the option to see what they're supposed to do in a puzzle game. The whole idea is to solve the puzzle yourself, otherwise it defeats the purpose.

    Nintendo does need to bring Zelda games back to the days of exploration and tougher puzzle solving (without hint movies), but they absolutely should never change the elements that make Zelda games what they are.

  • Kymeric

    Need to add Skyward Sword Link to that, theres a nice pattern of experimental cartoonyness followed by realistic, followed by a combination of the 2 previous styles

  • Michael

    I love Zelda for the way it is. Sure, I do think they could continue to work on the WM+ gameplay mechanics, but I don't think they should make Zelda another Skyrim. I would also like to see Nintendo hire some really good story tellers, like the people over at Ubisoft Montreal.

  • Thomas

    The humor in SS was headed in the right direction. It was more subtle, but still immensely amusing, at least for me. Goofiness and wit are completely separate things, and I think that the franchise is doing great. Most of us here are the hardcore gamers, and personally, I find it easier to get into a game that doesn't look like it's something right off of Playtime Disney.

  • John

    Zelda really does need a change, though. I was disappointed when playing SS, since it felt so much like MC/TP. Where are the new items? The new, intimidating, and difficult bosses? Where's the huge world we got in WW to explore? Where's the secret dungeons like in LTTP? The skultullas in OoT? I don't want these exact things in the next Zelda, but I want them presented in a different way. (like Hyrule Castle in WW).

    SS is the most unchanging Zelda yet. There's an upgrade system that isn't explored half as well as it could have been. The rewards are useless, there are very few types of enemies. The dungeons at this point have become a mockery of the original, extremely clever designs such as the Forest Temple, Tower of the Gods, Temple of Droplets, Stone Tower, etc.

    • Reign

      You say you want change, but then you went on to say "where's x from y game".

  • Callin

    "Majora's Mask put a slight twist on the Zelda formula, but it stands as the black sheep of the series — despite the constant clamoring for a "dark" and "mature" Zelda"

    What? Majora's Mask was a huge twist on the Zelda formula compared to other titles, and black sheep? Really? Some people consider it one of the best, if not the best.

    You don't write an article clamoring for new things, and then call one of the most unique Zelda games a black sheep. That makes no sense at all.

  • ArkhamOfFear

    Please dont change anything… Ive loved the formula ever since i started playing Zelda 15 years ago.. If they changed it, it wouldnt feel the same..

  • ZeldaPlaya

    Its fine. Remember, the more things change the more they stay the same. 1Up can ShutUp.

  • TheMaverickk

    Articles like this are old and tiresome… usually they involve trying to turn Zelda into another game franchise, or turning it into a game that is more like some other genre.

    Truth be told the article is already fundamentally flawed in it's argument. The original Legend of Zelda actually didn't follow the same formula as current Zelda's. The original actually very rarely gave you the item you needed to defeat the boss.

    Also Adventure of Link was so drastically different from the original Legend of Zelda that many fans today still consider it to be one of the "least Zelda like, Zelda title". With side scrolling, magic spells, sword techniques, and experience points.

    Now as far as the Zelda formula goes that originates easily from Link to the Past. Find a dungeon item, use it to beat the boss (although the formula was not as rigidly implemented in Link to the Past). When this formula was rigidly implemented it was in Ocarina of Time. You had to get the new weapon to progress further in a dungeon… something that was not always necessary in Link to the Past.

    Although this formula carried into Majora's Mask, this installment changed enough that it didn't really matter. You got masks to help you progress and get past obstacles, you relied more on the abilities of transformation masks to solve dungeons as opposed to dungeon items… especially since there was really only 4 dungeons, and each dungeon item was actually Bow & Arrow related (Hero Bow, Fire Arrows, Ice Arrows and Light Arrows). So that title had it's own distinct twist on the formula.

    Wind Waker went back to Ocarina's formula for the most part, with rigid necessity, but it certainly upped the amount exploration and how items are used. Things like the the deku leaf, and the grappling hook for example had multiple uses. Also seeing the wind mechanic applied through out every aspect of the game.

    Twilight Princess was perhaps the most like Ocarina of Time, so I can feel some stagnation there. Skyward Sword was probably the most linear Zelda to date, but I am less scrutinizing of this linearity because linear design is a bit new to Zelda. So I can let it slide. If games stay/become more and more like Skyward Swords formula I'd be more critical.

    Just pointing that Zelda always does plenty to mix things up. It certainly does a lot more to freshen things up then most series. Look at some of the games that have had 3-5 installments already in the last 6 years and are more or less the same. There are far better examples of series that need to be "freshened" up over Zelda.

  • TriforceofCourage

    Honestly, the Zelda series does need some change, and it has been getting changed. I just feel like Nintendo is too cautious in their approach. In TP and SS especially, I saw several interesting ideas pop-up that were just not used to their fullest potential. Twilight Princess did a lot of things right, but it failed by not going far enough with some of the themes it brought up. I don't know if anyone else remembers the trippy cutscenes with the dark Link's and the girl trying to stab you and all the girls raining from the sky, but at the end of that scene they talk about bewaring of the darkness within you and whatnot. Guess what? that theme was never really expanded on, I mean, if you're gonna throw in stuff like that, you need to expand on it. At least throw in a Dark Link fight or something. There are several cases throughout TP that leave that same feeling. I think their greatest problem is a fear of upsetting their precious balance. They have said that they try to create an even balance between gameplay and story, with gameplay being designed first and a story being added on afterwords. Sometimes though, they need to take their ideas and push them to the limit. Going all the way gives a greater chance for crashing and burning, but also a greater chance to create a masterpiece. Skyward Sword did some great things with gameplay by adding in motion controls, but they didn't do enough. You are continually waving your arms around at the same enemies for literally the entire game, just in new settings. It makes the swordplay tedious after the first few hours. You wish you could fight something new. Nintendo claimed every enemy would be a puzzle in and of itself, but a puzzle is no longer a puzzle at all after confronting it thousands of times. Because of the supposed difficulty in gameplay, it seemed to me, at least, that their was a severe lack of difficulty in the puzzle solving elsewhere thoughout the game. The dungeons were unimaginative, short and simple. Any time you came across anything that might require a fraction of thought, they wen and stamped on your problem-solving skills by treating you like a child with obvious explanations of what to do. If nothing else, I think Nintendo needs to ditch the helper that always follows you around, or at least redesign what they are doing with it. That helper is in no way a core aspect of Zelda, and it destroys the fun in solving things on your own. Exploration has also been lacking lately, as the games have been getting more and more linear, and less and less interesting to explore. Skyward Sword succeeded in packing the world full of more things to do, but in doing so, it also made a linear system that took you through the lands anyways, destroying your sense of exploration and curiosity. Nintendo must redesign Zelda. They can keep a lot of what exists, but they need to carry out some of their ideas to their fullest potential and not assume what the gamers want. Instead they should strive for a system that makes gamers want it because of how amazing and unique it is. Majora's Mask is a reasonable example of this. It added in completely new concepts and actually followed through with them. It was a hit among many. It may not have been everyone's cup of tea, but at least they didn't hold back with their ideas and created and truly unique masterpiece that many enjoyed despite its variations. I want to see more ingenuity and uniqueness come out of Nintendo.

  • Austin

    I seriously think Zelda is fine the way it is, i hope they dont change everything, it just wouldnt feel like a Zelda game if they change it to much of it.

  • 1bgood97

    I love the Zelda series. Period. Sure, maybe some change in their formula will be good. They could stir some things up a bit. But guys, we are on this website because we LOVE Zelda! We are a Zelda fansite! Not an Elderscrolls/COD/ Zelda Sucks site! Sometimes we critique it so much we forget it's what we love!

  • FullTrapper

    If they think all the Zelda Games are the same they are wrong. Simply start with OoT; start as a kid and yes get a hookshot and sword and bow and that, the defeat Gannondorf and Gannon. Then take Spirit Tracks where Zelda is trapped as a spirit and you tell her what to do when you take over the phantoms.

  • FullTrapper

    What is the similarities there then? Yes you have to got through temples to get stuff, but then you could just do that with nearly every game in existance. Take C.O.D relatively the same thing everytime or Sonic, you have to defeat Eggman then in later games some else who Eggman awoke. You could take MM in the the equation, That had nothing to do with Zelda, she appeared for 5 seconds as she tought you The Song of Time, which most people already knew how to play, because they played OoT.

  • FullTrapper

    Say if you were trying to prove me wrong with OoT and Twilite Princess, yes they have the same basic storyline of Zelda is captured save her, but she is only captured right at the end of OoT, unlike TP where she was held prisoner then gave her life to Minda to help Link. Now you maybe thinking "They always have to defeat Gannondorf/Gannon" NOT TRUE! Take Spirit tracks, Zelda II, Major's Mask, Phantom Hour Glass they don't have Gannondorf/Gannon in them, they may reference him from a random character in the game but he doesn't appear. My last point is back to the temples of getting items like the hookshot, bow and Master Sword; In every game they use the start with a weapon then upgrade/change to deal damage to a different enermy. C.O.D uses this in every game I've seen online and offline why aren't they having a go at them? Maybe because Zelda is one of the best series of all time and with Ocerina of Time being one of the best games ever rated by fans and reviewers, they can't take it, because some gun game like G.T.A or C.O.D isn't number one.