Another exciting piece of news straight from the Nintendo Direct Conference: after five months since the previous, a new 3DS firmware update will be available starting April 25 for North America 3DS owners. Unfortunately if you live in one of the vast regions excluding North America, you will have to wait for more details of a local release date. Many new features and improvements will enrich your 3DS experience.

Take the jump for more pictures and details and a short video.

The main new feature is folders that will be added to the 3DS’s home screen allowing for better organization of one’s applications: similar to Apple’s iOS firmware. Each folder allows for up to sixty applications and the ability to name each folder with the name appearing as the icon’s graphic.



What do you think of this exciting update? Voice your valuable opinion below.

Sources: Twitter, YouTube, GoNintendo, Andriasang (via GoNintendo)

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  • Folders eh? Now that's very useful!

  • kaiser13576

    I so wish I had a 3DS šŸ™

  • RPH1

    60 apps in 1 tile! I think I'll put all those preview videos in one, 3DS Ambassador NES in one, and Ambassador GBA in another, but I'll keep the Activity Log and other stuff in their clip on the main menu.


  • I just got my 3DS, how do I do this? Just hit "update" or something int he system settings, right?

    • ralphpotato

      In the systems settings, if you poke around a little bit, you'll find system update. On April 25th, when you check for an update, it will be there.

  • Thomas G.

    On a related 3DS subject.

    I think Nintendo must has stopped shipped The 3DS version of OoT. My local Walmart and Toy R Us have been sold out since February.

    • !CJ!

      WHAT? but that game's half the reason I evem BOUGHT the 3DS!!! and I don't have it yet!

      also, I already had MORE than enough space on my 3DS as it is. don't know if I'd ever fill it up. now with the folders I probably won't ever fill it up. not that I want to. but they'll probably have come out with ANOTHER new concle system by the time I even come close!
      and we ALL know that by the time Nintendo comes out with ANOTHER new Consol system, that they'll have come out with atleast 2 new handheld systems. not that I just buy the newest thing all the time. I usually stick with what I got untill that's no longer working out for me, and need a new system for the games I want.

  • Very useful update, indeed!

  • Gwydion

    Awesome! Loving this update – I kept thinking my screen looked a bit crowded, so this will be nice in order to better organize things!

  • rickeyuio

    What nintendo needs to do is let us download themes, or mabe even icons for the folders,.

    • N_S

      Agreed, the 3DS and Wii menus are extremely boring. Needz moar rainbows.

  • Chibidin

    Lol, that's it?