Today we have not one, but two Zelda music covers on very different mediums. On one hand, there’s Linus Akesson (lftkryo on YouTube) playing a wonderful Legend of Zelda medley on a chipophone, and on the other hand we have YouTube user Sp0ntanius playing the “Song of Healing” on wine glasses. You may remember that we featured this video a little over a year ago, but since Yahoo News only just now caught on to his sheer brilliance and wrote a little feature on him, we’re letting you know again!

Both videos can be seen by hitting the jump below!

This first video is on an electric organ retooled to play the 8bit sounds from the The Legend of Zelda. It’s a short medley of three of the tunes from the game done really well.

This second video is an editing and wine glass playing masterpiece. The video starts out a little slow, but then quickly escalates to a mind boggling speed. You’ll have to watch the video for yourself to understand.

If you liked these, there are six more similar videos here (check them out, you won’t regret it)! 

Sources: YouTube, YouTube (via Yahoo)

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