Club Nintendo is acknowledging its 4th anniversary and to celebrate it has released some new additions to the Australian stars catalogue. A 3DS pouch shaped as both a Mario and Luigi hat have been included but the best item is the limited edition golden nunchuck. This has to be enough to make North Americans turn green with envy yet those living on that continent are sure to be able to use their coins soon enough once its added to their catalogue.

You can read the press release after the break!

To celebrate the 4th anniversary of Club Nintendo we have introduced new items to the Club Nintendo Stars Catalogue.

Golden Nunchuk

Stars: 3000

Go gold with Club Nintendo’s exclusive “Gold” edition Nunchuk. A perfect companion for your Wii Remote.

*Stock for this item is limited

Nintendo 3DS Pouch : Mario Hat / Luigi Hat

Stars: 1300 each

A soft pouch for storing your Nintendo 3DS console in the iconic style of Mario’s or Luigi’s hat.

Also fits Nintendo DSi, Nintendo DS Lite and Nintendo DS (does not fit Nintendo DSi XL).

Club Nintendo is Nintendo’s loyalty programme, which you can join by registering Nintendo products. By registering products, Club Nintendo members start collecting Stars, which can be exchanged for goodies in our Stars Catalogue.

All items are subject to availability.

Quite a few stars are needed to purchase the limited edition golden nunchuck but it looks too good to resist. If you want one, act fast! They are only for a limited time so don’t lag about whether to get one or not.

Do you like these cool Club Nintendo items? Would you snap up the golden nunchuck if it was available in your region? Write some comments for us now!

Source: Nintendo (via GoNintendo)

  • Acostar62



    The three posters cost 2500! Bloody hell, the Australian Club Nintendo finally gets something good and it's still overpriced x.x

    Japan gets it for 600 points, but I'm not sure how many points they can obtain by registering a game. Here, it's about 200-250 per game. Seems to be around $2.7 per point if the Zelda games for the Wii and 3DS are any indication. So what, I'd have had to buy over $1000 of Nintendo games to get the gold nunchuck?

    • You may want to edit your comment as I found it only cost 1300 stars for the 25th anniversary Zelda poster set. I live in Australia too by the way 😀

      • Don't think I can edit. But if so, I derped =P I did get the posters and I found them refreshingly affordable. Probably why I bought them in the first place- the first thing I actually wanted from Club Nintendo Australia.

        I want the nunchuck too, but I don't have THAT many Nintendo games and systems x.x

        • Yeah it is quite pricey still! I only have around 2400 stars and that's not easy saving up. I find the Zelda posters the best Club Nintendo item in Australia too 🙂

  • Astarael

    I've already ordered mine. ^_^ Now I just need a golden classic controller pro to complete the set, haha!

  • Edwardvalo

    So in America, how much is that or how much would it be? I've never heard of these "stars".

    • From a dollar perspective, given that the Australian dollar is slightly higher than the US dollar; over $1000

      Otherwise…in Aus, you generally get 150 stars for non-first party Nintendo games, 200 for cheaper first party games (DS, 3DS) 250 for first party games that cost close to $100 (Wii), 500 for systems (Wii, 3DS, DS).

      So anywhere from 20 games to 6 gaming systems.

  • Didn't have enough but I looked around and found a few and I managed to get just enough Star Points for the Gold Numchuk!

  • gneiderh

    Well shit. That's a lot of money.

  • Error

    Come on, Club Nintendo, don't let me down… again =)

  • Well, I agree with what you wrote, but not with all of it. Regardless, it’s all great material. Thanks!