Hello, I’m Ralon (Timothy H.) the newest news correspondent for Zelda Universe. I’m glad to be a part of the team and am super excited to be writing Zelda news! Hit the jump below for more about me and my past with a little game called “Zelda.”

I am currently not-too-well-known as Ralon in the forums, but hopefully that will all change soon enough. So as I promised, my history with Zelda:

Well it all started when I was about four years old. My brother (15 years older than me) had an SNES (Super Ninintendo Entertainment System) and had gotten a copy for A Link to the Past. I had played games like Super Mario Bros. before but Zelda was something completely new to me. I didn’t play too much then, but that was my introduction.

My real history starts with a 10 year old boy, a Game Boy Advance, and a copy of Oracle of Seasons. Seeing that splendid little 2-D link running around slashing at bushes and Octoroks brought back wonderfully nostalgic memories of a briefly played game in my past. Many hours of car rides were spent playing that game: hours of frustration and searching (until I discovered walkthroughs). Finally I beat that game, but my appetite for adventure was hardly satisfied. I quickly went out and bought the second installment, Oracle of Ages. One could continue their file from the last game, and after completing that game, and the added ending, I decided it was time for a break.

A couple years later I bought my Nintendo GameCube. I quickly bought a copy of The Wind Waker and beat that one too, however, it always sat in my mind that I had been missing something. A couple more years later, 15 years old, I had a surgery. I was bed ridden for a week and had nothing to do. Somehow, I got my hands on a Nintendo 64, from a friend, and borrowed Ocarina of Time. That is what I did for a whole week, and let me tell you, I beat the pants off of that game. Since then, I haven’t stopped. My passion for Link and his adventures has driven me to all new (geeky as they may be) heights. I have played through countless Zelda games and (don’t laugh) even write news for a site called Zelda Universe! Who would of guessed it?!

Well that’s enough about me, but that is why I’m here. I hope that you Zelda Univers-ers get as much enjoyment out my articles as I am sure I will get out of writing them. I would like to thank the team and especially Bastian for all the help, support, and cool-ness in the hiring process! Until then, I bid you adieu and happy Zelda-ing! Let me know your thoughts in the comments!