If you’ve got a killer memory, you’ll remember a while back we made a post about GoodSemester, and handed out invite codes to our then-private beta education service like they were candy.

Well, now we’ve bitten the bullet and released public beta – everyone in the world can sign up for GoodSemester, free of charge. Whew! That’s a load off.

If you’re unfamiliar with GoodSemester, it’s our absolutely massive project to reinvent education from the ground up. We’ve designed and built a service that lets you create your classes online (even without your teacher), make private study groups, do collaborative note taking, submit your homework, manage all of your files and materials for school, and a whole lot more – in one seamless service.

Now we’ve even got public courses on GoodSemester being taught by professionals! This is all thanks to the first round of beta users – including you guys – that helped make GoodSemester, well, really good!

If you haven’t signed up and given GoodSemester a shot, now’s the best time yet. We’re only going to keep making it better – so if you do sign up, let us know how you’re using it to make school awesome.

What’re you waiting for? Sign up!


  • Gummy

    Cewl :3

  • Tonch

    Oh good

    This site is a damn wreck but at least GoodSemester is ok



    Why is this here?

    • LegendOfHyrule31

      Because it was designed by the staff of ZU.

    • ralphpotato

      Jason Rappaport, the creator of Good Semester, is the Owner and one of the webmasters of ZU.

  • tonchwrecked

    i like the layout of this site. dont change it.