For those who live in the Northwestern US and still haven’t been to the all-Zelda art show, your time is running out. Triforce Tribute is at Land Gallery only until the end of this month!

Majora Nouveau

"Majora Nouveau" by Mikey Mann

Truth be told, your good-intentioned editor meant to do a vblog on the art show, but iPhone issues prevented that from occurring.

However, I did attend the gala regardless, and can attest to how astounding it is to see so many unique and high quality pieces of art all telling their love for our beloved video game series!

With over 30 different artists’ interpretations of Hyrule and beyond, it’s truly something that must be experienced in person. I had the pleasure of meeting Mikey Mann, the artist of the above piece entitled “Majora Nouveau” and had a quick chat about favorite Zelda titles and art.  A very nice guy, and a true Zelda fan.

If you cannot make it to the art show, there is an online gallery of some of the pieces here as well as at their main website.

And you can purchase prints of some of that amazing art here.

I can’t reiterate this enough, if you live in the US Northwest, and are a Zelda fan, this is not to be missed!

Source: Triforce Tribute