[Written by Timothy H.]

Have you ever wondered what the world of the original Legend of Zelda looks like to everyone in the game? When we pilot Link around a flat 8-bit world, what does he see?

Well the folks up at the Mom and Pop Game Shop in Kansas have given us a glimpse. The display can be seen in their store-front window, and might none of us here at Zelda Universe would not think twice about dropping in!

When pixelated Link and a couple Octoroks make the jump from 2D to the world of 3D, few words describe the result. So instead of finding the words, we’ll let the picture do the talking after the jump!

What would you think if you were walking by and saw this at your local store? Let us know in the comments.

 Source: GoNintendo
  • DekuNukem

    with super mario 3 background

    • Grantos

      that is not super mario 3 background

    • Darunia1818

      That's the background of the title screen for the original Legend of Zelda

  • Unit7

    If I saw that at a local store I'd go in immediately… after looking at it for quite awhile.

  • I would probably take a gazillion pictures and then run home to get my costume on.

  • Guil.

    This is why I love LEGO! You can make anything from LEGO! Awesome!

    • cloverplayer


      Except… this isn't Lego 😉

  • that guy

    Yeah LEGO is great! thats not LEGO though…

  • Rob

    how do you KNOW its not LEGO?

    • CLASSIFIED2417

      Who cares? That is awesome!

  • TnzSki

    I'd go in and immediately say "shut up and take my money!"

  • Keimori

    Most Amazeing! it sort of remminds me of that 3D dot game Heros that came out on the PS3 a while back.
    I may just have to make a trip to Kansas now.

  • Jacky romro
  • Kaytoko

    This is in Lawrence! I nearly flipped when I walked by the display. XD And no, it's not made out of Legos. They built it out of wood and painted it.

  • clubchloe1

    Classic Zelda is AWESOME! Its even more awesome in 3D!


    I would crap my pants then go in and say wow then I would buy something and then I would take pictures.

  • darkgerudo

    That place would get my permanent patronage for the rest of my life, or the store’s existence.

  • black_ribbon


  • Gummy

    Small beans, I've seen a lifesize Link in a window.