Skyward Sword has been promoted as the most innovative Zelda game yet. Video game journalists have sung praises to the Sacred Realm of its excellent use of controls, superb story telling, beautiful graphics and soundtrack all the while giving the game amazing reviews.

However, is there something which Skyward Sword, and the Zelda series as a whole, is missing?

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In an analysis by Christian Nutt on Gamasutra, Nutt explains the current short comings of Skyward Sword as a game and Zelda as a whole. Each argument is well made, and he provides examples to games which correctly implemented a game design structure that Skyward Sword didn’t do so well. For example, Nutt points out that even though the presentation of the locations in Skyward Sword is fresh, exploring the actual environment is a bore.

You can read the analysis here.

So, what do you think? Do you think Zelda needs to evolve? Or do you think the series is fine how it is now? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • joooop

    i personally think it needs to devolve. by which i mean go back to N64/SNES style games.

    • Shawn

      yeah my favorite game of all time is OoT

    • KDeman

      …Um, I think that going back over ten years would be a very risky endevour. True, this is Nintendo which I believe can be safely called one of the best when it comes to redoing an old formula, but personally I think that one OOT or LTTP is fine, since it's not like those games are in short supply.

      I do believe the series needs to catch up, although how it would go about doing so needs to be well thought out. Off the top of my head, I can only think of voice acting (*arms flame shield) but even then I would only want them to do so in Hylian or at least a predominately fictional language (while of course remaining speech cards, because how would we know what they're saying right? :D)

      But for the most part, no I don't want Zelda to really change. Whatever they're doing now is fine (I reserve the right to change my opinion upon new information of what they're doing now.)

    • Heriod77777

      Not quite entirely. They were amazing and well balanced, but I can't get addicted to them like I can with the more modern Zeldas. They just need to have the right amount of density, and a greater challenge every step of the way.

  • neos

    personally i dont think it needs to change at all. i loved running around the forest, and sailing the sand sea. if anything they should keep going.

    • cloverplayer

      Faron woods in Skyward Sword was amazing!

      • Heriod77777

        It was really fun my first time, though it hasn't put any more joy into me on Heromode the game itself is my favorite.

  • PeacefullyCrazy

    Totally true in every word, and that's something I'm not too comfortable saying.

  • Chris

    I'd say it is evolving, this was just the first step. Even then it was still one of the best games I've ever played.

    • Heriod77777

      It is the first step. I bet Nintendo wanted to put a ton of large fields in it but the Wii couldn't handle the power needed. Hopefully they can put as much as they want in Wii U Zelda.

  • Chris

    It was also probably the first game i've ever played that I not only enjoyed, but fell in love with. Sounds kind of lame but it was a piece of art!

  • veeronic

    world content…. this was barely wind waker and a half sized and certainly smaller than tp… given the size of xenoblade this is entirely inexcusable.

    • Heriod77777

      You need to learn how to ignore flaws as go.

  • Link and Cuccos

    Skyward Sword really shows how the franchise is evolving and is heading more in that direction. It really broke away from the OoT/TP/WW mode (those 3 games were very similar), and I would like to see the franchise continue to evolve as they did with SS. SS introduced new things while still maintaining the essence of Zelda. The series should evolve in that manner that is fit for Zelda, not become a totally different game (i.e. Skyrim – I don't want Zelda to become a Skyrim).

    • Heriod77777

      Yeah, it would be nice if enemies had more life in dungeons, just not outside dungeons. They made the Lanayru region odd as you had to be patient to wait for the stamina to go up. And they are heading in the right direction.

  • Lucius Optimus

    If Zelda strays to far from its roots it will cease to be Zelda!
    there is plenty in Zeldas past that you can fall back on to make a great new game.
    Skyward Sword is the beginning of a new era for Zelda games; but I think the next game should bring back more classical ideas, And an expansive less compact overworld.

  • Ashmic

    Did anyone else read evolve and then saw links loftwing and automatically think "pokemon" lol

    • Banooru

      I whipped out my pokedex.

      Your comment made me think of that meme Groose's theme goes with everything. Someone should do it to Team Rocket.

  • Aenglaan

    It has since Twilight Princess and it's only made baby steps to its goal. I'm done with buying new Zelda titles from Nintendo until they can actually update this series stuck with Gamecube presentation standards.

    • Heriod77777

      You are looking at the flaws more then playing obviously.

  • Machi the Kikwi

    I personally think that people tend to be complainers who nitpick and thus are unable to enjoy and fully appreciate a game. Why can't we be satisfied with all of the fantastic games that Legend of Zelda and Nintendo provides us fans with? Why do we flip out when they try new ideas like they did with the animations in Wind Waker and the concepts in Skyward Sword? If all of the games were mimicries of each other, we'd probably grow bored with them. I think the developers at Zelda intend to incorporate the concepts of classic Zelda games to the best of their ability into new games in addition to adding some new twists, and I personally think they've done a great job with furthering the series so far.

    • Link and Cuccos

      I totally agree with you. It's like how people complain they want new things, so Nintendo does that and then people still complain and say why didn't they make it like (insert older title). They want change, and then they complain when there are changes.

      Btw, I like your username. XD

    • Heriod77777

      Exactly. Some number of OoT lovers yelled this: " Make another game like Ocarina of Time, its SO PERFECT!" And then they play TP and go like: " Its trying to be like OoT and isn't." TP isn't EVEN like OoT at all in my eyes!

      • Heriod77777

        My post seems confusing, ignore the part I say a OoT fan defending it for life says TP isn't like OoT, lol. Why cant I edit that post now?

  • RedBearLuX

    I fully agree, it's not just Zelda though it's Nintendo. I love that Nintendo do there own thing, I really really do, but some of there games feel 10 years old and Zelda is one of them it feels like every new game I get id OoT with a face lift, I mean fro christ sake they are still running the OoT engine [granted modifications along the way] and OoT's engine wasn't even purpose built for Zelda it's Super Mario 64's engine.

    My point is, is that I'm getting bored of certain Nintendo games and I will laways be a loyal and ttrue Zelda fan, but Zelda is one of those series. It's OoT with a facelift and a new wonderful intuitive way of playing it, but at the end of the day it's still OoT and thats about 14 years old, I love the game but I'm sick of playing it now I want the series to evolve like it did from SNES to N64. With new Hardware and Software we have these days it's not going to be hard to take Zelda to the next step. First things first, scrap that engine and purpose build a new one, I mean lets face it, it did wonders for Sonic the Hedgehog.

    • Sonicnator

      And for Mario suprisingly considering he almost NEVER evolves story wise.
      I thought the motion control touch in Skyward Sword showed a sign of growth for Zelda in terms of gameplay. Maybe Nintendo could utilize that more(witht he option of traditional controls) with making a new engine.

  • black_ribbon

    In my opinion there are many types of games. I'll talk about two of them.
    First category is good games. These are games that you say are good, you played them, they're amazing.
    Second category is Zelda games. You all know it, the moment you find it hard to breathe just because something so incredibly epic, so incredibly emotional, so touching that you can't do anything but to love Zelda so much at that particular moment.

    I think that Skyward Sword was a good game, heck, it was a great game. But there weren't many "Zelda moments" where you just sat back and thought about how amazing it is to be a Zelda fan.

  • Amanda

    To be honest I couldnt even read that article, the way they worded it made it too much work to understand the actual points he was trying to get at. I did read the comments tho, and I have to say I am also one of those people who just didn’t feel compelled to rush through and finish the game, I still haven’t finished it, I almost feel guilty! It doesn’t seem like a long game to me, because I have spent the least amount of time playing it compared to other Zelda games, I haven’t gone back to areas to explore anything because it just seems there is nothing left for me to explore other then what the main storyline had lead me through. It is lacking something, and personally what I think it’s lacking is content with side quests and more surprises in the game. The storyline was quite boring as well… All of the other games had different activities and things you needed to do for various items, this game was basically all fetch quests, with nothing interesting to make you want to do them. No mystery to it at all. The only things I enjoyed were the graphics and dungeons. Also the motion control sword fighting was good as well. I don’t want to be told where I have to go exactly and when I have to go there in a game, I want to explore, that has always been my favourite part of Zelda and this game has been a disappointment in that area.

  • Randall

    The article was garbage. Skyward Sword is not an open world RPG. It's not Skyrim. It's not Halo. It's not MW3. It's a classical example of a Video Game. Yes, you heard me right. It's the first game in a long time that I can actually give that honor to. I played for 75 hours (almost straight, that's how engaged I was in the game), and got 100 percent on my first play through, and I still have a harder difficulty to do. The game was perfectly paced, the world was a new world he was exploring, so there weren't that many locations. I thought I would hate the Loftwings, but it actually was fun flying to each location. Any game today that gives you the "Quick route" to a place you've already been is cheating the gamer out of working for something. Every time I read a bad article about SS, it's by a Young Journalist who has ADD, and thinks the game was too long, or the story too boring. Sorry, not buying it again.

    • Heriod77777

      Of course it isn't like Skyrim. Zelda: Action adventure, puzzle, RPG, exploring and navigating ( don't know exact genre there, lol. Skyrim: RPG.

    • You just said MW3 is an open world RPG. And you think SS is good. *sigh*

      • Randall

        I was mentioning Skyrim. Not Halo or MW3 as open world RPG's. Go *Facepalm*!

  • The Man

    I think they should stick to the original plot line and not make a timeline… you know not have a link in between the games…. I like TP because it stuck to a plot with the Triforce, Zelda, and Ganon. I think it makes the game more exciting and epic…. I also think it would be epic to have both sides win fights.

    • Heriod77777

      It didn't stick to the Tri Force all the time. There was Ilia who got in the way. Ganon is blocked be Zant in the story too.

  • Heriod77777

    I loved Skyward Sword, just wish Nintendo got more 'smart testers' and less developers that don't know whats good for Zelda. Good thing Miamoto is the director.

  • ref1?login=bruney
    More simply said than performed I think. ref1?login=bruney

  • GroGro

    "Video game journalists have sung praises to the Sacred Realm of its excellent use of controls, superb story telling, beautiful graphics and soundtrack all the while giving the game amazing reviews."

    Sorry, but that's just ridiculous. Skyward Sword was a good game, but it was by no menas a great title by Zelda standards. In fact, it is the worst rated Zelda console game ever (well, technically since OoT), which reflects pretty accurately upon its quality. Congruently, it received major criticism from many fans. Even if you continue to praise it in such an outrageously positive way, it unfortunately won't change SS for the better :-/

  • Sanity's_Theif

    I read the whole article, it's a very good read and a valid point is made that I also felt cheapened my experience with the game. The overworld, pacing, and padded content were terrible, I couldn't believe a Zelda game would do that to the extent it was done in SS. It made the game's overworld very disappointing, I hope the next Zelda game won't have this flaw

  • badwolf16

    I think Skyward Sword was great, and I don't need someone to convince me otherwise.

  • Scarlett

    evolve. give us something totally new and unexpected. It’s personally worth the risk

  • Hands down, OoT and MM were the two best Zelda games to be released (imo), then followed by WW however TP and SS are just as great but in a different sense.
    The gaming world is evolving everyday and therefore the games must with it (if they went to keep marketing). I enjoy the direction Zelda is headed, especially after the release of the timeline. I think this is just a minor shift compared to Nintendo's future goals and I think that we will see a lot of OoT and MM style return but with a more modern gaming ambiance.
    It's not easy to tell a story and with games like TP and SS, they needed to take the essential time to tell the story whereas in OoT and MM, there was little storyline.
    I can't wait for new releases! I think we're in for great surprises.