The SoulCalibur series is much like Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros games in that you brawl with your opponents and the last man standing is crowned the winner. Gaming Youtuber goodbye18000 has just recently uploaded a video of one of Ocarina of Time‘s most memorable battles. Link and Dark Link’s epic fight is relived in SoulCalibur V composing of a best out of 5 battle series in a test of skill and absolute strength.

Can our brave and strong  warrior beat his shadow once again? Well the only way you will be able to find out is to hit that jump below and watch the battles for yourself.

Source: Youtube

  • fourswordslink

    first comment wooooooooooh! Also did LInk or Dark Link just say dammit in the last battle?

  • Millennial Dan

    That's a pretty manly version of Link ya got there.

  • Sydney

    My younger sister was convinced that Dark Link would win. I told her she was wrong. 😛

    And when Link won, she punched me in the arm. (She insists that I put 'face' excapt I won't, 'cause its a lie.)

    But yeah. I knew Link would win. I admit I love them both, but Link DOES have a very special place in my heart. ^^ Also, I knew I wanted this game for a reason. xD Custom characters FTW.

  • Hi, this is Goodbye18000, the creator of the video.
    Thanks so much for putting this up. However, could you update it to show that I also did one for Groose and Ghirahim?

    Thanks so much again!

    • We'll definitely be able to do a separate post on it for you 😀

  • X_factor

    Ok, that was intense! Dark Link was ruthless, he ripped Link open for the first and third rounds. I think Link just got mad after losing twice and destroyed Dark Link in the forth round and kept control. Now that was a fight!

  • HeikkiV

    That must be the ugliest version of Link I have ever seen…

  • Goron

    That doesn't look anything like link.

    • 1bgood97

      No, that's the American Link (I can say that because I'm American). Shorten his boots, take out the voice acting and you've got one bad boy link.

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