Skyward Sword has only been out for less than half of a year and already people are borrowing heavily from it, including a Brazilian soap opera.

For its intro sequence, the Brazilian program Amor Eterno Amor (Love Eternal Love) features an animation of a boy and a girl who live on floating islands in the sky who ride on red duck-billed birds…

Someone behind this intro is clearly a Zelda fan. And it really is a lovely piece of animation.

View the video after the jump.

Source: videolog (via GoNintendo)

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  • altidefan1

    when all else fails, steal from Zelda

  • Link

    Wow I will be suprised if this does not become very well known 8in Brazil

  • Ashmic

    This is one of those days when i wish I knew how to speak spanish…
    beautiful tho

    • Diotupi

      We speak portuguese here in Brazil.

    • Hyookami

      Its exactly the same lyrics.

  • kokiri_kid93

    or maybe it's just a coincidence? haha still awesome though 🙂

  • Guil.

    Why Fly me to the Moon? Why that song every time?

    Then again Skyward Sword is not the first context to have flying islands. But the red bird, girl's pink dress and boy's white shirt does remind of SS.

    • Ashmic

      cause frank Sinatra is amazing, and thanks i knew i knew that song

  • Sanity's_Theif

    How the hell do you guys find this stuff?

  • José

    When I first saw this intro I even searched the web to see if it was actually based on Zelda, but Globo said it isn't.
    @Ashmic If you speak PORTUGUESE you can see it on Globo Intercional, even living outside Brazil.

    • José

      I meant Globo Internacional.

  • AnonymousDemon

    hahahahaha sure looks like skyward sword, the desighns and execution sure do look the same… however…. zelda is not the first to have the floating islands and people on birds approach, i will however give props to the animator they did well

  • ZeldaPlaya

    so cool!!!

  • Gabriel

    What? I can´t believe my country made it exactly like SS!