In case you missed this while playing through Skyward Sword, the Thrill Digger minigame is now available to play on your computer.

Hit the jump to see this cool game.

The game is basically a recreation of what you do in the Skyward Sword Thrill Digger minigame. The game is similar to Minesweeper. The point is to win rupees and avoid rupoors and bombs. Bomb locations can be determined by the number of rupees by them. Green rupees have no bombs next to them, blue rupees have one or two bombs next to them, and red rupees have 3 or more bombs next to them. The game itself can be played here. Below are some screen pics of the game.

So, did you play the game? Does this remake seem legit? Leave a comment below whether you think so or not.

Source: Badnix (via Zelda Dungeon)

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