Zelda News

This week in Zelda News we cover some resolution rumors for the Wii U, an unofficial Zelda app for the Android, and an amazing piece of fan art by our very own Eternal Legend.

View the video after the jump!

  • Wish I could view this video on my android phone. I want to know what this app is all about.

    • Beanboy Link

      It's just the Gate of Time wallpaper, don't worry, nothing big. I was getting super excited too when I read Zelda app haha

  • the video doesn't work >.<

  • UnrealTSniper

    Same here, video isn't working at all, not even on Youtube does it work.

  • bastian

    YouTube did something weird to it a couple hours after it was posted (it was working just fine until then) so we've re-uploaded. The new one should work just fine. 😀

  • matthewzfan

    What was your favorite race from Skyward Sword Bastian?