Our favorite hero, Link,  is going to have his outfit available in the Japanese Nintendo 3DS game Dynasty Warrior Vs. in a collaboration between Koei and Nintendo.

Hit the jump to see the costumes.

Dynasty Warrior Vs. is another addition to the Dynasty Warrior series, but this game is 3DS exclusive. With this exclusiveness comes several costumes from Nintendo games that the player can use, such as Link from Skyward Sword and Samus Aran from Metroid: Other M. These are not the actual characters, but costumes that the player can put on the Dynasty Warrior characters. It is unconfirmed whether these costumes will be available at launch or later as DLC, but they are confirmed to be in the game, as seen by the trailer near the end of the article. Below are released pictures of the costumes in the game:


The Japanese trailer (showing “Link” in action near the end):

Do these costumes seem to be cool additions to the game. Does seeing Link’s costume with a different face seem severely different?

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