That legendary melody

One of the best things about that otherwise dull time in between the release of a major Zelda game and the next E3 conference is that the fans get wonderfully creative. YouTube user DarkStar109, also known as Titus, has uploaded another video to his collection of video game arrangements, this time from Ocarina of Time. What better way to kick off your week than to hear the “Song of Time” played on ocarina and improvised on piano? Hit the jump to hear for yourself!

Head on over to Titus’s YouTube channel to hear more video game songs and improvizations, including a few more from the Zelda series.

Link's favorite melody

What did you think of this particular rendition of the “Song of Time?”  Would you like to hear more Zelda songs improvised on piano in the future, or even on other instruments, as well?

Source: YouTube (via GoNintendo)
  • minlink

    damn nice!

  • Aralith

    Guy needs to practice a little bit more before he uploads stuff. That or there is just way too much dissonance going on in the song. Either way, there are a couple parts where it gets really ugly. There's also a couple places where his rhythm could use some work.

    There are a few nice parts, but most of it's kind of weird to me. The stiff marcato rhythm in the bottom hand is especially jarring against the flowing legato nature of the melody. Not exactly my favorite arrangement of this song. :/

  • Haviklink

    right around 3:30 it made me think of Phendrana Drifts from Metroid Prime 🙂

  • SuperJario

    Just saying, the notation of the Song of Time on the musical staff there is wrong – the first note should be on the first beat; it is not a pickup. Essentially, it should all be shifted over by one quarter note.

    • But…does it really matter for the purposes of this post? It's just there for anyone who wants it. ;P

  • badwolf16




    • Monaster

      Maybe it's just me, but none of these comments actually seem racist to me.

  • 1bgood97

    Play with a metronome, it REALLY helps.

  • Just a friendly note to all: the purpose of showing fan versions of Zelda songs here on ZU isn't to showcase some professional work or anything. It's to show just how dedicated and creative the Zelda fans out there are, and to maybe inspire others to try their own arrangements. ^_^;

  • ramiro


  • mr. man

    Well… good for him for putting his stuff out there. Couple things.

    I don't think this is an improvisation. Improvisation is playing, on the spot, without pre-planning. This was planned out I think, so it's just an arrangement. I acknowledge that he may have improvised some of that, but most of it seemed planned.

    Second, even if it was all improvised, it was still pretty shoddy. Improvisation doesn't just mean you can hit any random succession of notes on the piano and call it good. Part of improvising is forming meaningful musical sentences by using actual chord progressions. Otherwise, it's just banging on a keyboard. If I sat down and banged my head on the keyboard, would it be improvising? I don't think so.

  • mr. man

    I don't mean any disrespect with the above comment, just to be clear. I think it's awesome people are making their own original things instead of just copy/pasting the same song of time we've all heard over and over again. Respect.


    You had some issues here and there but nice overall.

  • Mr. Pena

    I’d like to hear it on the guitar.