Once again the people on Neogaf are spreading rumors about the Wii U yet these ones seem a lot more realistic this time around. There is quite a bit of speculation this time about what the Wii U’s capability will be in terms of graphics. One such rumor is that the Wii U controller will be able to display in 480p only which may surprise a few of you.

Click on the jump for the full list of Wii U rumors surfacing at this time.

  • 720p will be the sweet spot for definition with games running Wii U controller-intesive visuals
  • Wii U controller displays in 480p
  •  Wii U controller allows for viewing of on-TV action from another angle in some games
  •  Third party ports are apparently using this idea for gameplay
  •  V5 dev kit is a little more powerful than V4, but doesn’t make for 1080p 
  • Games can benefit from a slight visual boost over 360/PS3 and may run at a higher resolution
  •  More simple titles may be able to run 1080p in conjunction with the controller

I think most of you looking closely at the Wii U would be thinking if this is true why can’t it display in 1080p at all times? That’s what I would be expecting anyway. 480p for the tablet seems about how it should perform though.

What are your thoughts on these rumors? Do you like the way the Wii U will perform if this information turns out to be true? Does it affect your thoughts on buying the console? Let us know by writing some comments for us!

Source: Neogaf (via GoNintendo)

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  • I don’t have an HD…anything, so I couldn’t care less about this. Also, graphics are of little importance to me. Well, at least the “quality” of the graphics. The graphics of the original “Yars’ Revenge” for the 2600 are among my favorite video game graphics ever. (Qotile dies, then…RAINBOW COLORS!) I think that people who value graphics over things like gameplay and plot should go…live in an art museum…or something.

    You children and your fancy “high-definition” television-boxes. Wait. When did we get color TV?!

    • X_factor

      Hehe, living in the past again? 🙂

    • cloverplayer

      N64 = boss

    • I agree with you that the DESIGN and beauty of graphics is more important than the QUALITY. Majora's Mask is so beautiful and amazing, for instance, and even AoL's graphics are interesting and curious.

      However, for me graphics are like music or plot. I just think it makes no sense to have a game with those things downplayed. It's part of what makes you feel like you truly are living inside a new world.

    • Prada

      come on now, we're creatures drawn to things that have aesthetics

  • We've known for awhile now that the Wii U controller displays in 480p, it's no rumor. Its resolution is 854×480, after all, so it's kinda impossible to display anything higher than 480p. But that's not bad at all for a 6-inch screen.

  • Robert I am not actually sure however I would expect it to be 10/100mbps.

  • hmmoop

    Graphics only slightly better than PS3/360…For realz?! How long ago were they made. I wish nintendo kept with the times when it came to their graphics system. It seems to be the only thing they really fall below par on…at least in my book.

  • BlueBoy

    I don't really care about the graphics too much. You don't need high resolutions to make the game look good. Just look at Skyward Sword or SMG2. Those games look awesome. As long as there are a good library of Nintendo games then it's going to be a good system. Personally I want to see what kind of 2D and 3D Mario games will be on it and how they implement the screen. And of course, Zelda. I just hope they learn from all the liitle mistakes they made with Skyward Sword, what little there were. I hope we don't get a partner who tells us how to do everything and never shuts up. I also hope that with challenges and puzzles there are no obvious visual cues telling us what to do and instead we have to figure out things for ourselves.

  • Zachattack8888

    To be honest, I don't care about graphics. A story, good music, and some great gameplay are all you need in a great game.

  • nicktheslayer

    Graphics? While I’m very much looking forward to an HD zelda, i dont care what they look like, as long as the tress look better than SS trees. SS trees kinda sucked. From a distance, they were amazing. Up close? …ehh.

  • CornWallis

    I'm actually disappointed, graphics don't make or break a game for me, but they do for my friends…I was getting excited about maybe switching them back over…no.

  • Red Bear LuX

    This seems a bit stupid. I don't understand how it could not run at 1080p and prodcue a higher resolution than 360 and PS3? … Also it's about 50% more powerful than a PS3 so I would imagine the graphical difference should be somewhat noticable. Then again I think the Wii U's visual improvement will depend on the developer, depends if they can be bothered put the extra effort in to make it better.

    • Aminadi

      The original Xbox was 3x (SIX TIMES what Wii U has on the PS3) as powerful as the ps2….how often did we see a major leap there?

      • Red Bear LuX

        Actually thats not entirely true. The Xbox's CPU's clockspeed was 3X greater than the PS2 but the graphics 'synthesizer' was less powerful than the PS2 so the majority of that new clockspeed made up for the lower base graphical power. And if you compare a PS2 exclusive game, to a Xbox exclusive game there is a notable graphical improvement with the Xbox system. Just the same as PS3 exclusives have a noticable improvment over 360.


    Graphics ARE important. It improves the athmosphere of the game. Just imagine how good Zelda would look with graphcs from the PS3/360. but we are going into a new generation of consoles now and to be honest graphics "…slightly better that PS3/360" just wont cut it.

    Wii's graphics are slightly better than the Xbox/PS2, and the console still feels like its from a prevous generation.

    • clubchloe1

      How do the graphics matter? I mean, look at the first Mario games, back then it was the gameplay that mattered to most.

      • yepiiiool

        For their time the graphics were amazing, sure, but that doesn't mean we are about to return to the days of the original nintendo graphics does it? Gameplay and Graphics mattered back then, much like they do now. Games have become much more complex, so intern graphics should too.

  • Sanity's_Theif

    So most games won't be in 1080p? The visuals looked very good in trailers, unless those were just cinematics… Nintendo really can't keep up in the visuals department, they're comparing their visuals to the PS3 and 360 saying it's slightly better when the PS4 is coming out the same timeframe as the WiiU and will probably blow Nintendo's visuals away again

  • Shaughn

    Here's the big problem I have with the Wii U, assuming that it will be only as powerful, or a little more so than the PS3 or the 360. The Wii U is supposably designed to allow Nintendo gamers the ability to play multi platform games, at the same quality as the competition, something the Super Nintendo enjoyed. However, the 360, and the PS3 have been around for quite some time, and it won't be long before their replacements enter the fray. If the Wii U is only as powerful as the current generation, they will soon be an entire generation behind, just like they were with the Wii, which is why they built this new system in the first place!

    They'll be right back to square one. Yes graphics aren't everything, but they're something. And yes we are reaching a time when graphical advances are less noticeable. But there's more behind a consoles power than just looking pretty. Such as physics, scope, etc. Many of these aspects do have an impact on what kind of story you want to tell. For example, the reason you can't run Mass Effect or Skyrim on the Wii goes beyond the Wii's graphical capabilities. This is an aspect that will only continue to expand in the next console generation, and I really hope Nintendo isn't setting themselves up to be the odd man out again.

    • Sanity's_Theif

      This is basically my concern just worded better

  • Dabaumer

    I'm not one to gt in involved in these types of dissussions, but I have really been following the wii u, number one news just dropped that neither the ps4 or new Xbox are commig anytime soon. Also the wii u "can" render 1080, current gen renders at 720 and let's your tv do the rest….what this rumor is saying that a graphic intensive game that has extensive use of the controller, say ghost recon, or killer freaks, may have to render at 720 because it already is rendering something totally different on the controller….a Mario game, or a graphic intensive game just using the controller as a map should easily render in 1080. The games that are in 720 can rely on the tv just like current gen already do

  • TriforceofCourage

    I don't know what you mean by the PS4 coming out in the same time frame. WiiU comes out this year, and neither Sony or Microsoft are revealing new systems yet. They have made official statements that they are not revealing new consoles at E3 this year, so their systems won't be out until at least 2013, and probably late 2013 at the earliest, maybe even 2014. The WiiU has a good year at least before its competition comes out. I do think Nintendo should have gone for a major graphics jump over the PS3 and Xbox360, but I don't personally care. It's everyone else that is obsessed with graphics these days. I care about gameplay first, then story, and then graphics are nice, but not necessary.

  • I've seen what the dev kit console was able to do and I was impressed, so I don't really care about this tbh.

    • Hero of Seasons

      You have seen the dev kit? Well, hopefully tou're an insider. Then you can give us all piece of mind. Would you say the power of the Wii U is barely above the PS3 or noticeably above the PS3?

  • RationalInsanity

    I don't get whats the big deal with graphics to western gamers, graphics are only one of many factors that can drive a game not the only one. Video games will reach a peak much like artwork where we will be over saturated with graphics that making high graphics games will look bland and boring. A system with lower specs doesn't harm a system it actually could creates new ideas by limiting the how far a developers has to work with. Its like having an right handed artist work with his left hand. It creates a challenge and thus makes room for possible great ideas way beyond those we have seen today as well as going beyond the boring old norm.

    • Blake Condit

      However, it also makes the art look like complete trash in comparison to what he could have made with just his right hand. :p
      I for one, am a firm believer that story and plot come first, game play second, and THEN graphics come last. I'm one of the few people I know personally that thought Windwaker was one of the most amazing and gorgeous games ever made. Simply because the game was amazing. That's just me.

  • PeacefullyCrazy

    Alright, fine. That happens and yes, I will buy it. But if it does not happen, and it's just that: rumors, oh, I will be ticked. More at the rumor starters than Nintendo.

  • to be honest, we're starting to get to the point where we can't even see any difference. On a bright, constantly changing and moving screen, the human eye can only see down to about 0.2mm depending on the person. Since the Wii U screen height is around 9.4cm high (470 times that distance), even for a sharp eye, the difference between normal and HD should be barely noticeable, so it's really not the end of the world if it isn't HD.

  • Scott

    the point of the matter is: graphics are always going to get better. Don't forget that when the Atari started to present lines that resembled characters instead of just lines, this was a freaking huge change and started the whole thing, then Intellivision set the bar higher. The fact that you say graphics don't have to be good is an understatement b/c when those games were first brought into the gaming world, they were advanced graphics for the time…you are only comparing them to today's graphic standard which was pushed into a new light by Sony with the PlayStation, though other systems set it up (like 3DO)…but it's true that graphics are not everything needed to make a great game but it will always be a deciding factor to make you wanna play it.

  • Alan Bragg

    The best games come out on the consoles with the best graphics eg Super Nintendo. After this Nintendo owners were deprived of any decent Street Fighter games, MvC, GTA, Virtual Fighter, Bioshock, Red Dead Redemption and Assassin's Creed for example. Would be nice if we didn't have to own a Playstation or XBox to own titles like this. This is why we need a system that's at least on the same level as the oposition. I only buy Nintendo to play Zelda and SS was far too easy.

  • mario_master

    IDIOTS this is a rumor not fact and also WTF does a nintendo fan care. FYI wii u is 3X more powerful than xbox 360 confirmed. also i hope when they change the name it is better

  • clubchloe1

    I personally don't mind graphics as much as gameplay, like the original Mario games, you don't mind the graphics as much as the gameplay, but I'm glad the 3DS had better graphics than a regular DS.

  • clubchloe1

    Yes, someone understands how I feel about the graphics, I like the gameplay more than the graphics, but it is nice the the 3DS has much better graphics than any other DS so far, that was something that kinda bothered me with the DS' was the graphics.

  • Sanity's_Theif

    I've seen articles around saying PS4 is coming out by the end of this year…. unless they were fake, and I find graphics pretty important since you have to look at the game the whole time you're playing it

  • ZeldaPlaya

    Keep in mind this is only a rumor. We've been told time and time again that the Wii U would be powerful graphically. Remember the Zelda Tech Demo? Sure as hell didn't look like 480p to me. But who cares anyway? Its just graphics.

  • Error

    Oh, I'm a diehard Nintendo fan, I'll pick it up regardless of its technical specifications. I do look forward to crisp, clear visuals, though. While they may be one of the least important aspects of a great game they sure don't hurt to have =)

  • Mikau94

    This is debunked by the fact that Arkham City and Darksiders 2 which are both going to be released on the Wii-U are going to be identical to their PS3 and XBOX 360 counterparts. It is possible that the system will run only 720p, but that isn't an issue.