The art style from The Wind Waker has always been a topic of debate among many players of the series. Some claim that it’s too cartoonish, while others claim it is actually a great contribution to the gameplay and story. Either way you look at it, Jake Kazdal, director of Skulls of the Shogun, says he based his game’s graphics partially on The Wind Waker‘s cel-shaded look.

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In case you don’t know what Skulls of the Shogun is, here’s a little summary. The game takes place in the afterlife, in which you try to capture the Skulls of the Shogun with samurai warriors and generals and animal-monks who have passed on. The gameplay is turn-based strategy, and the music is original, though based on 1960s samurai films.

The graphics are fairly cartoonish, which would show The Wind Waker‘s influence in production. In one interview, Kazdal explains that the first time he saw The Wind Waker, he was “blown away” by the graphics. Kazdal immediately liked the style and set out to research The Wind Waker‘s look. In this hunt, he discovered books of cartoon animations from the 1960s. The graphical style and some storylines seemed to coincide with some themes used in Zelda games. It was these themes and styles that Kazdal wanted to incorporate into Skulls of the Shogun.

Do you think basing a game like Skulls of the Shogun, with its afterlife scenarios and ideas, off of cartoonish graphics that Nintendo used in The Wind Waker is a good idea? If so or if not, leave a comment below.

Source: Siliconera (via Go Nintendo)

  • Red Bear LuX

    The Windwaker has and will always have gorgeous graphics. Plus it ages alot better than say Twilight Princess. So it's no surprise someone was inspired by it.

    • Rakshael

      Oh no, my friend… there are still those who defend the awesomeness that is Twilight Princess. Respect it, brutha. TP outshines OoT, nostalgic fanboys just can't/won't admit it. I can and will upon request give you reason after reason.

      • Nicholas

        Can I hear some reasons? I have the same opinion(Except, WW is my favorite, hands down), but having more ammunition for debates doesn't hurt. :p

        • Rakshael

          PREFACE: I love WW. TP is better than OoT. I am not comparing WW to TP, so this has nothing to do with the Wind Waker, save that WW is not "ages alot better", whatever that means.

          That being said, Reasons TP outclasses OoT:

          1. Graphical upgrade. Given, graphics don't make a game good (obviously; COD for example) but without question they are better.
          2. Better backstory. in OoT, you were some misfit in a village that you were anxious to leave. In TP you had an entire village that loved you, and you loved them back. It shows Link's humanity better, and the suffering that the monsters brings upon them strikes much closer to home.
          3. In-depth plot. In OoT, you had your overarching plot like every game does, with snippets of interaction with a paltry number of NPCs usually right before dungeons. In TP you had so many interactions with NPCs it felt as if you truly were a part of a vibrant, inhabited world. There were all of the times you saved your friends from danger, the encounters with King Bulbin and Zant, the actually believable village/city sizes, and actually good reasons for each temple's existence.
          4. Better music. I really shouldn't have to elaborate on this, should I? I mean, comparing boss music alone, let's see… OoT: 2 different boss themes. Period. TP? Unique and awesome music for every boss. I rest my case.
          5. Controls/moves/movement. Ok, for gamecube, the controls were not so removed from OoT. But on the Wii, they were much improved. With the addition of special dueling techniques, the ability to fight in multiple new ways while mounted, and a completely different set of abilities as a wolf, TP is better.
          6. Better companion. No counter-argument is even possible here.
          7. Better overworld. TP's overworld was a massive field with ruins and bandits and mountains, like a real world. And, instead of just one field, there were several different enormous parts to explore and revel in.
          8. Zant was epic. Even after revealed to be a puppet ruler, he was a great refreshing change from Ganon… Oh wait, about Ganon. Ganon is absolutely amazing in this game. He is the consumation of everything Ganon is supposed to be: the puppet-master of plot and of Zelda, the giant beast, and then epic duelist on horse and on foot. Nothing (except WW in a cloooossse 2nd) rivals that ending battle.
          9. Zelda's role may not be as directly involved through a manifestation as Sheik, but we see more into her personal character. Rather than running, she accepts the fate of subjugation and stays with her people no matter what the cost. She selflessly sacrifices herself for Midna, and later assists directly in the final battle. To top it off, she's really hot.
          10. We get to see the Hero's Shade, a unique cameo of a past Hero teaching a present one. OoT has nothing like this.

          These are just 10 I came up with off the top of my head.

          • Nicholas

            You might be my best friend.
            All incredibly valid points that make me want to pull out my Gamecube again. 😀

            And I'm sorry; I wasn't implying any dislike of WW on your part, I was just stating my love of the game.

          • Gio

            I loved TP, but I don't think it was really better than OoT, and not because I'm a nostalgic fanboy (OoT isn't even on my top 3).

            1.- This is really hard to respond right. Were the graphics more advanced in TP than in OoT? Yeah, of course. Were they better? … Now this is where it gets complicated. OoT's graphics never feel old, but TP's graphics felt old really fast =/ TP tried to be something it wasn't: A dark game. It wasn't. OoT's graphics did a better job at that in MM.

            2.- Again, complicated. Here I'm torn apart. I have to go with OoT only because it's more… traditional. Link is NOT supposed to have a personality. Your personality is his personality. That's part of what the name means. A link between the game and the player.
            Link having a personality isn't a bad thing, really, but I prefer the traditional no voice no personality.

            3.- TP had a more detailed and complicated story, but the NPC interactions? Really, I got more attached to characters in OoT than in TP. I wanted to kill half the characters in TP myself >.>
            Vibrant, inhabited world? Neither one really succeeded in that, though I do have to admit TP's Castle Town DID feel more alive than anything in OoT, but that was really the only place in TP that felt alive.

            4.- TP had an amazing overworld theme. That's all. The boss themes were refreshing, but none of them stuck. OoT had many more songs to its soundtrack that have become classics.

            5.- Didn't play TP on the Wii, so I can't really say anything on this.

            6.- I loved Navi! I don't know why so many people find her annoying. Just wanted to point that out. There's no way I could argue with you on this one. Midna is I think the best companion Link has had so far.

            7.- I didn't like TP's overworld mostly because it was several different parts rather than just one big field to explore, like in OoT. It just didn't feel right…
            I liked OoT's better, but it wasn't perfect either. It was too empty.

            8.- Zant was epic. No argument there. TP Ganondorf? Not so much. TP Ganondorf was like a vengeful, wrathful, cliche villain. In OoT, he was cold, smart, threatening, and still showing a wrathful side.
            No Ganondorf is going to top off WW's Ganondorf though!

            9.- Zelda didn't really run on OoT. Sure she fled, but you can't really tell it was her decision to make. She was just a little girl. She didn't go far though. She became Shiek and she waited for Link, so she could guide him and fight alongside with him.

            10.- OoT has Shiek, a member of a clan that was supposed to be gone long ago. It isn't until the end that you find out Shiek is actually Zelda. Until then, Shiek goes on giving that same feel the Hero's Shade gave off.

  • Rakshael

    Oh of course not, totally understood 🙂 I just didn’t want some troll coming and saying, “OH NOES HE JUS INZUTLED WNID WALKER!!111” When I really do enjoy the WW.

    (I was also somewhat bashing the rash and grammatically erroneous comment above mine)

  • The greatest games definitely are strategy war games.

  • Rakshael

    Good to hear an OoT discussion from someone who doesn't hold it as the ultimate game! Unfortunately, many things in comparing games comes down to personal opinion; thus, in written form, no one can truly change the other's opinion.

    1. I found OoT's graphics got really old after the second dungeon. For TP I was always amazed by the new areas to explore. Sure, TP was not a dark game, and yes MM used OoT's graphics, but MM was not OoT; OoT didn't use them as well as MM did.
    2. But the fact that Link had a good life before becoming the hero, and his friends had good lives before evil messed them up, is a better starting position. It shows Link's humanity better. And just because something is traditional doesn't mean it's better 🙂
    3. The Ordon kids could get annoying, I admit I was glad to leave Kakariko for a while. But the Goron Village was cool, the Zora's Domain was more majestic, and I really enjoyed the rebel group at Telma's Bar.
    4. Ok, OoT has Ganon, Gerudo Valley, Song of Storms/Time, and maybe a few temple themes. TP has Hyrule Field, Monkey King, Gerudo Desert, Blizzeta 1-3 (and for that matter, most boss themes), all of the Ganon boss themes. I'm going on how good the music was, not what is deemed "immortal" by the general community.
    5. Motion controls are fun 🙂
    6. Yeah I found Navi pretty annoying lol.
    7. The individual parts may not have been as big as OoT's, but altogether they were much larger, made Hyrule seem enormous, and showed that Hyrule was an interconnected place.
    8. WW's Ganondorf personality was the bomb! OoT Ganon seemed just like some punk thug who happened to get his hands on the ToP. TP Ganon would kind of be thirsting for revenge, would he not? His goal was revenge on Hyrule, and perhaps he was a little insane after spending so long in the Twilight Realm. I didn't think his being revealed at the end was so bad, and that he hadn't had enough screentime to be fully developed as a character, so we don't get a full glimpse of his personality, but it's the same guy as in OoT.
    9. Yeah, she didn't have much choice there… but she's also the one who messed everything up to begin with. I mean, you had no clue opening the Door of Time would let Ganon into the Sacred Realm. Zelda at least had been sent to school to learn about these things.
    10. Sheik was only the prelude or afterthought to each dungeon. She never taught you anything but the warping songs, and she was certainly not a past Hero.