Recently on ZU we published an article about a Zelda background that was made exclusively for the iPhone. For those of you who don’t have an iPhone, this may be a little disappointing, so we’ve found an app for the Android to make up for it.

You can see a more in-depth look after the jump.

The Majora’s Mask Clock Widget is an application for Android devices that adds a clock like the one from The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask to the homescreen. This widget is actually a clock, not just a wallpaper. In that respect, it functions much like the one from the game. Minutes are measured on the outside ring while hours are measured on the inside. The sun and moon side represent day and night, respectively. Below are some screenshots of the widget on an Android.


The widget isn’t officially sanctioned by Nintendo, so you may want to download it (for free) pretty soon. Do you think it seems pretty neat, leave us a message in the comments.

Source: Android Market (via Zelda Dungeon)

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  • I love this app! It is a real cool clock!

  • Everyone should download this app if you have an Android!!!

  • Jeff

    cool clock, ive had this one for a while. there’s a better android app that has heart containers for battery life

  • Brienna Lemon

    There's also a gate of time live wallpaper

  • Merq

    Oma, yes!! I’ve always loved that clock, now I can have it!

  • Eloyz

    i already have it, its nice, and dont forget it makes noises XD

  • Blizzeta93

    now i wish i had an andriod so i could install all the cool zelda apps.

  • mrnjlw1090

    Hope one comes out for the iPhone

    • hyRULES

      unfortunately the iphone sucks in that regard and doesnt have widgets. lol. it sucks in many other ways but maybe im just biased

  • Bobby Emerald

    Eh…I have Android but I’m not really into this as I thought I’d be.

  • mcdude910

    My Android isn't compatible. V__V

  • Batou

    WOW!!! These app is the Sh*** i love it. xD

  • hyRULES

    search gate of time….