Guitar and Zelda have always gone really well together. Think about how awesome the Gerudo Valley guitar part sounds. It’s really no surprise that a guitar cover of the Link’s Awakening theme would sound this excellent as well. It sure brings back a lot of nostalgia for us. Tell us what you think in the comments!

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Source: YouTube (via GoNintendo)

  • tacosman

    FIRST finally I always wanted to do that at least once, COME DISLIKES MUAHAHAHHAHAHA

    • jinlazydays

      I'm extremely happy that you are the first! Let us all celebrate this joyous occasion!

  • Vladislak

    This was always my favorite version of the Zelda theme. Manly tears have been shed.

  • This is from a whole Link's Awakening OC ReMix album released some time ago.

    The name of this title song and the album is "Threshold of a Dream".

  • Casual Vader

    All you have to say is Link's Awakening and I feel nostalgic.

  • RobertStyx

    This was uploaded over a year ago. How is this news? Seriously ZU, sort your lives out.

  • Joseph

    Beautiful song ;’)

  • Guil.

    Beautiful and calm. I love it.

  • Albert

    I would hate that bear looking thing in the game..

  • If you don't know, this arrangement is called Threshold of a Dream and featured in OverClocked Remix's album of same name, released in December 2010:

    Remember to always cite the original source of the contents posted. And FYI, I am not linked to this project whatsoever. I just like this song a lot and it is one of my favorites in the album 🙂