Hello to everyone! My name is Corey and I will be helping in providing you all with the latest and greatest news from the world of Zelda!

I am 22 and live in sunny Southern California and I’m currently in college studying law and society.  I have been playing Zelda games since the first title, and have followed the series ever since!

I am a fan of most all things Zelda (minus the CD-i games but I’m sure I’m not alone there) and my favorite to this day remains A Link to the Past.  The only Zelda game I have not completed and may never end up doing so is The Adventure of Link.  I have a pretty awesome collection of Zelda merch of which my newest addition is the beautiful Hyrule Historia, and I am always searching for the newest gem to help expand it.

I came across ZU about a year ago and have always used it as my news source for Zelda related material and now I have the time to add to the amazing collection of news that I have always known from this site. Please feel free to comment or message me on my page and my posts, I look forward to bringing the news to all of you and discussing this world of Zelda that we all love so dearly.

  • bastian

    Awesome scarf!

  • Fonl

    Laws and society??? Boo Rick Perry for trying to run Hyrule. Princess Zelda and Link are Democrat fans. Ha Ha Ha.

    • 1bgood97

      No, Hyrule is a Monarchy, duh.. 😛

      • X_factor

        Thus the "Princess" in Princess Zelda…

  • Midna Fan

    Look forward to hearin' more from ya man!

    And I'm with Bastian….nice scarf ;).


    Welcome to the part, man!

    It's been awhile since I've been here myself and I look forward to reading your posts.

  • l888

    What's the 2% ?

    • Banooru

      There's a 1% probability he's a poser, and is not a new correspondent nor have an awesome scarf. So we can deduce that there is a 99% chance that he is a new correspondent and / or has an awesome scarf.

      I detect an 85% chance he has an awesome scarf. From this you can calculate that there is an 84% chance that he is an awesome new correspondent AND has an awesome scarf!

      or someone should call PETA. Fi and I could go for days.

      Now that that's outta my system, can't wait to see what you write!

  • ZeldaPlaya

    Welcome to ZU. Looking forward to whatever posts you make in the future.

  • Great to have you on our awesome team Corey!

  • Tingle


    • X_factor

      Sooo not what Tingle should say… (shudder)…

  • Oh my gosh, you have a cat! Around your neck! I love it! ^____________________^

    • malon

      whaaa? i thought it was a scarf……

  • Chris B.

    Nice pelt! p.s. Glad to see someone else from So Cal!

  • Fi

    Master, there is a 99.4% probability that you are welcome here.

  • Ashmic

    2 % chance of getting fired, lol jk