As you may or may not know Minecraft is a program allowing users to design and produce anything including in this case people’s favorite locations and levels from a video game. A couple of months ago we showed you someone’s awesomely designed Ocarina of Time creation showing all the memorable beautiful places from the game.

Recently a YouTuber known as GalactiCacti has used Minecraft to recreate the stunning location of Skyloft from Skyward Sword and turning it into a well designed project. You can also find that they have even added some well known islands from the game into their recreation too.

Click on the jump and find the video which will take you on a tour of this masterpiece!

What do you think of this Skyloft recreation? Do you like the way it has been designed? Is there anything needed to make it even better? Let us know by typing in your comments!

Source: ZeldaDungeon