As you may or may not know Minecraft is a program allowing users to design and produce anything including in this case people’s favorite locations and levels from a video game. A couple of months ago we showed you someone’s awesomely designed Ocarina of Time creation showing all the memorable beautiful places from the game.

Recently a YouTuber known as GalactiCacti has used Minecraft to recreate the stunning location of Skyloft from Skyward Sword and turning it into a well designed project. You can also find that they have even added some well known islands from the game into their recreation too.

Click on the jump and find the video which will take you on a tour of this masterpiece!

What do you think of this Skyloft recreation? Do you like the way it has been designed? Is there anything needed to make it even better? Let us know by typing in your comments!

Source: ZeldaDungeon

  • What an awesome place Skyloft would be to live in! Hanging with Groose all the time would be sick 😀

    • KDeman01

      only if it was post game. remember, Groose was kinda a jerk at the start.

      • gward

        but jerk groose was so much more fun!

        • Bryan

          Are you all jealous of my Ebay username? That's right! Groose!

          • lootic

            You should sell your ebay username on ebay!

  • Raxit

    U cilly
    y u spoil

    But, to be more ontopic, this is cool. I guess I'll download it and explore it in my free time.

  • veeronic

    now add half a dozen equal if not closely sized islands and you'll have the sky overworld we should have gotten.

  • randall

    I just don't get Minecraft. I lived through the NES Atari days. I want graphics that don't give me a headache when I see them.

    • Zarco

      The graphical power of minecraft is actually pretty strong to be able to render so many entities and graphical effects and such. The pixelly feel is stylistic, alluding to those days you speak of, but also connecting to how the game works (blocks). And if you really don't like that style, you can always add a texture pack to make it look crisper and better (they even have some HD texture packs!)

      • randall

        Didn't know about the HD texture packs. I might try that. I've heard the game is great, just the fuzziness of the blocks gets to me after awhile. Used to be the same way when I played the original Doom. I had to take a break every so often.

    • veeronic

      graphics may be primitive… but the game is 6 times bigger than earth.

  • is this multiplayer? if so i want the ip for it…

    • Nope but there's a download link. I was one of the first people to see this. He has a private server for creating due to the fact that he can't pay for a server for more than 8 slots which is being payed for between a few friends and him.

  • Craig

    All the creator needs to do now is find a Skyward Sword texture pack… Blaziken* (short name) does tons of them and did the main Wind Waker texture pack and it is fantastic. They’re already slowly working on a Skyward Sword texture pack through dumped game files during playthrough… They then edit, resize and enhance them to fit for all resolutions and they do the best texture packs on the net, in my opinion.

    • Craig

      I forgot to also mention, it would be a good idea to have the villager mob skin edited into a Skyloft Knight… I'd take the most common attributes and apply them to an original villager in an Orange tunic.

  • Lucius Optimus

    Where do people find time to do that?

  • jlsfhsg

    What the heck did he say at 2:07?

  • ImmortalLoftwing

    Oh my god….. That was rediculous….. But amazing! :'D

  • dragonwarp2510

    Well I think they should try to build thunderhead it would look very cool too.

  • Great job by skyloft. Now MC give more fun