It is a noticed fact that in the Zelda games Link never talks. Even when people talk to him, he doesn’t reply. He just looks at them with his glassy eyes and that somehow seems to convey the right message. Not only with the games’ NPCs either. Link seems to have a fairly diverse personality that is consecrated by his stature, facial expressions and also his grunts when he swings his sword. Therefore, Link conveys his message to the player as well as other characters in the storyline.

The point that I want to make is even though Link’s reserved approach (i.e. choosing not to speak) receives endless mocking and complaints, would the Zelda series be the same if he did unexpectedly choose to jump into conversation? Hopefully we’ll have that clear by the end of this article.

Part of what makes a character what they are, are their mannerisms. In fact, this plays a huge part in giving a character depth and diversity. A talking Link would just be wrong. For example, look at the old – and ironically unsuccessful – Zelda cartoon series. The first thing that I thought when watching it was how much of a loud and annoying character Link is. I would suggest that this isn’t just down to his cocky and arrogant mannerisms. As much as this does take an effect, the fact that I wasn’t used to Link talking at all amplified this massively.


Overall, in some ways Nintendo screwed up right from the start. They either chose to create an ultimately reserved character, or quite possibly decided to make Link an avatar of the player – which many Zelda fans are almost sure on. Thus meaning that when an NPC asks a question, Nintendo expects the player to answer it… Could be a long shot (get the joke?). In a world with inexplicably customizable MMORPGs this could be quite hard to picture.

Either way, if Link suddenly spoke out, the player-base would first of all be shocked then ultimately decide that the new talking Link is not for the best. Henceforth, as it stands, there is no way out of the mocking. Whether it be glassy-eyed and mute, or conceited and loud, there will always be at least a small amount of unavoidable stirring in the player-base regarding Link.

I’d like to finish the article by saying “Hello!” to all everyone on ZU. This is my first article as a feature Article writer and I cannot wait to write more. I hope those who read this feature will enjoy it.