It is a noticed fact that in the Zelda games Link never talks. Even when people talk to him, he doesn’t reply. He just looks at them with his glassy eyes and that somehow seems to convey the right message. Not only with the games’ NPCs either. Link seems to have a fairly diverse personality that is consecrated by his stature, facial expressions and also his grunts when he swings his sword. Therefore, Link conveys his message to the player as well as other characters in the storyline.

The point that I want to make is even though Link’s reserved approach (i.e. choosing not to speak) receives endless mocking and complaints, would the Zelda series be the same if he did unexpectedly choose to jump into conversation? Hopefully we’ll have that clear by the end of this article.

Part of what makes a character what they are, are their mannerisms. In fact, this plays a huge part in giving a character depth and diversity. A talking Link would just be wrong. For example, look at the old – and ironically unsuccessful – Zelda cartoon series. The first thing that I thought when watching it was how much of a loud and annoying character Link is. I would suggest that this isn’t just down to his cocky and arrogant mannerisms. As much as this does take an effect, the fact that I wasn’t used to Link talking at all amplified this massively.


Overall, in some ways Nintendo screwed up right from the start. They either chose to create an ultimately reserved character, or quite possibly decided to make Link an avatar of the player – which many Zelda fans are almost sure on. Thus meaning that when an NPC asks a question, Nintendo expects the player to answer it… Could be a long shot (get the joke?). In a world with inexplicably customizable MMORPGs this could be quite hard to picture.

Either way, if Link suddenly spoke out, the player-base would first of all be shocked then ultimately decide that the new talking Link is not for the best. Henceforth, as it stands, there is no way out of the mocking. Whether it be glassy-eyed and mute, or conceited and loud, there will always be at least a small amount of unavoidable stirring in the player-base regarding Link.

I’d like to finish the article by saying “Hello!” to all everyone on ZU. This is my first article as a feature Article writer and I cannot wait to write more. I hope those who read this feature will enjoy it.

  • Link does talk.
    In The Wind Waker he says "come on!"

    • Banooru

      Don't forget "nice hair" in Skyward Sword!

      • Gerudude

        where did you get that? I've played it two times alreaddy. You must be mistaken with Groose.

        • Mia

          In the beginning, when Groose is being a dillhole and picking on Link, you get a set of three replies to choose from to say to him. One of them is "nice hair".

          • Gerudude

            That's a written reply. I ment actually voice. Like BigKeyChest's example of WindWaker.

          • Banooru

            Yeah, that one is the only time I've ever heard Link do anything but grunt or "Haa!"

            I think anything more than that and the few times you are allowed to choose from a list of select responses would ruin Link. After all, he is our "Link" into the game. I don't want his character to be too defined.

    • QueenxLink

      He also says, "Dead duck!" in Skyward Sword whenever he swings his sword multiple times without stopping xD

  • heroofmask

    link does talk as we saw in ss we just dont hear/see him say anything nintendo just wants the player to come up with his voice

    • HyruleWeirdo

      Which is a terrible idea; He is his own character.

  • TwilightPrincess

    I would hate a talking Link 🙁

    • TheMaverickk

      It would take a lot of the enjoyment out of it.

      • Zelda3607

        I could imagine Link with a voice without it sucking out all the fun.

    • bhill

      I agree. If link had been a character created in more modern console times then he would have been voiced for sure. But the fact that link has been a gaming icon for 25 yrs without speaking everyone's expectations for what he would sound like wouldn't be met and it would detract from the game. I say that other characters could be voiced, but not link.


    If link only spoke when he really needed to then there wouldn't be a problem.

    • iliektrains

      when does he really need to?

      • N_S

        I imagine you often need to.

  • Darkstar

    Why is it that everyone uses the outdated and extremely irrelevant Zelda cartoon when debating if Link should talk or not? If Link were to talk, he obviously would NOT sound like the clown in the cartoon. Nintendo would make him sound good just like any other character.

  • Sophie

    Hero's shade could count as Link speaking. Since it was confirmed that he's OOT Link.

    • Hylian_Knight

      Excellent point!

  • ???

    It's talking as in sound which I wouldn't enjoy. Especially if the voice sucks.

    • HyruleWeirdo

      It's Nintendo, they aren't just going to hire horrible voice actors.. oh, wait… *flash back to Super Mario Sunshine*

      • prada

        lol, so true–That bothered the buhjeeses out of me

  • kaepora21

    "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt."

    -Abe Lincoln

    • Sakume

      A.K.A. Vampire hunter.

  • Ashmic

    He talks all the time ,Its insanely visible in Skyward sword.

    • HyruleWeirdo

      Although, if the developers continue like that, he needs a voice.

    • cookie monster

      What do you mean

      • Ashmic

        you see him talking to gaebora, he's making the hand gestures (moving is arms) when talking and his mouth moves
        besides he talks all the time in other games, they ask what his name ETC. its not like a random voice is gonna answer the questions, its him

  • Kevin

    Link is fine the way he his and always liked it by not talking as usual.

  • HyruleWeirdo

    If Link talks, I'd want him to be British.

    • Zelda3607


      • HyruleWeirdo

        Well I certainly wouldn't want him to sound American. Not that I have anything against Americas , it just wouldn't fit his character.

    • HyruleWeirdo

      Apparently, people are discriminatory against the British (which I am not, by the way).

  • jjb56

    As long as Link's dialogue isn't cocky and arrogant. It needs to reflect the kind person he is- the type that is always willing to help the people, and who is trying to save them from evil. After all, a true hero puts others before himself.

  • Arya

    I actually DO talk for Link when I play a Zelda game. I make up voices of my own for everyone.

    That time when Gaepora asked Link what happened I went on a whole tirade about the dreams I had and the crazy tornado in a extremely elaborate manner. I was extremely amused with how it felt Link's gestures went with what I was saying and laughed hard when Gaepora replied back with what I felt suited everything I had just said.

    For me at least, I like the silence, I have free reign over what Link could be conceivably be saying and I find enjoyment in that.

    • cloverplayer

      dude me too! there is someone like me in this world 😀

  • Mike

    dude this article blows. the REAL reason any character like Link doesn't speak in games is the same reason why you can pick his name. Nintendo wants you to feel like YOU are Link, and if they gave him a personality instead of making him an empty slate, people would have a harder time relating to him. Did you ever take English class?

    • Mike

      also can you guys please sell the website to some capable people already? im sick of feeling like im in middle school every time i read all this shit. so half assed

    • Banooru

      Chill out.

  • cookie monster

    In my opinion……I don't care what anyone thinks. When I play a Zelda game, I don't feel like I am Link. I like Zelda games, but I like protagonist from other video games better because they have personality. I like seeing how they interact with other characters. It feels more natural and believable. That being said, I think it is time for Link to have a voice. I would be more involved emotionally into the story if he had a voice and a good personality to go with it.

    • Rick420

      You have to realize that if they give Link a voice (An english voice at that) it will most likely never be how you wanted him to sound like. So no it's not time to give Link a voice. Besides in an interview with Eiji, he strictly said he still does not plan on giving Link and other characters voices. He also said that if they did go with this route they would make every character speak Hylian. (similar to the language when Zelda sang in SS) so you would still not be able to understand them and they would most likely STILL add subtitles thus going back to square one(only with voices this time)

      • cookie monster

        As long as the voice acting is professionally well done, I wouldn't mind what he sounds like -whether I wanted him to sound like the way I hear him in my head or not.

        • TheMaverickk

          Tell this to all the people who played Metroid Other M and were pissed with the portrayal of Samus Aran in that game.

          Most dedicated fans and general gaming public rejected Nintendo's choice in voice and portrayal for Samus. Many were stunned to discover their rough around the edges, touch and tumble bounty hunter was a lot more feminine and emotional then they had previously thought.

          • TheLostSabre

            And with that comes another long hiatus for Metroid. : (

  • No matter how small the blade, once you stab someone in the back, it will always hurt. Once the blood I am drenched in is not of my own, I can succeed.

  • BIG Mackey

    I am rather sure that there will be a Zelda game in the future that will have voice acting. I would prefer to have a talking Link. This way it would be much easier for none fans of the series to Understand Zelda. One problem I have with the Zelda series is that most of the Links in recent games are rather similar in appearance. Non fans of the series have a hard time understanding that it isnt the same Link in OOT and SS. They believe its the same Link. I think the voice would add a lot off personality to Link as a character from game to game. Imagine the controversy if Nintendo decided to make a Zelda game with a Link thats 30 +. What would it look like? A lot of Zelda fans tend to be too conservative. They want OOT, MM, WW, ALTTP over and over again. I feel that Skyward Sword was a well done game but it felt like it was more for the casual gamers then for the veterans. It felt so simplified.

  • CMike

    Not only do I disagree, but this article is just poorly written.

    People need to realize that the cartoon or the CDi games are not examples of why Zelda shouldn't have voice acting, but examples of why Zelda shouldn't have BAD voice acting.

  • Hina

    If Nintendo did make the next Zelda game with full voice work, especially Link, I think they he should talk should be the same way how Master Chief (Halo) speaks; he speaks a little bit at a time on certain cutscenes and all and I think they should do that for Link.

  • N_S

    Th problem with projecting yourself onto Link is that not everyone wants to be themselves. The idea of me being some sort of Hero of Time, for example, is frightening- we'd all be dead. I want to feel heroic; i want to project Link onto me.

    • Banooru

      I thought if I was the Hero of Time, I would kill every single cucco. . .

      but I was wrong. Oh so very wrong.

      • Banooru

        My point is that Nintendo gives you a sort of "free will" in Zelda games, but creates a world where your actions have consequences. That's why I like Zelda. It teaches you to go the right way, but doesn't force you to.

        Fortunately, you can fail all you want without serious consequences. The games usually do a good job of making it feel important not to die or let someone down. I know with Majora's Mask I never let the moon fall, and I would freak out if I missed an event and had to start the 3 day cycle all over again to do something.

  • TheMaverickk

    Dear Zelda Universe,

    For whatever reason sometimes posts don't go through…. on top of that these ads keep popping up. Please make it stop so I can continue to enjoy your site.

    Please take the time to maintain your site properly. It would make me a happy Zelda fan.

    – Thank you

    • Bat Tom

      Time to re-type my entire mini-essay!

  • Banooru


    Oh snap, who fed the troll my M & M's ! ? ! ?