Were you hoping to spend your coins on Club Nintendo for that awesome 25th Anniversary Zelda poster set that had been released only to find that it had been sold out? Well you don’t need to fret any longer! Club Nintendo have a new shipping in and there is no knowledge on how long it will last.

It would be wise to order quickly before they are all gone again!

The 25th Anniversary Zelda poster set is priced at 400 coins and comes with three posters; two Skyward Sword designed ones and a very special 25th Anniversary one which shows Link as how he appears in each Zelda game. A few of us from ZU have the poster set and definitely recommend you pick it up if you can!

What do you think of this poster set? Do you like the designs of the individual posters? Tell us by writing down some comments!

Source: GoNintendo

  • This 25th Anniversary Zelda set is so EPIC!!!

    • Zelda3607

      You took the words right out of my mouth….wait off my keyboard.

  • Hylian_Knight

    I was so close to getting the other Zelda poster set, but I procrastinated and I'm so glad I did! I saw the anniversary posters back in stock and ordered it so flippin fast the road runner couldn't keep up. 8 )

  • weevil17

    Don't have enough points 🙁 spent all of them on majoras mask

  • Gwydion

    Thanks for the tip off! Hadn't been to the Nintendo Club site in a while – totally put in my order for them! I'm so glad they got restocked! Now to make some wall space…

  • Linkio

    The 25th anniversary poster is incredible. I seriously want to get it framed.

  • Bryan

    Thank you for the reminder!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Bryan

      Had to reply to my own comment. I just saw these popping up on Ebay so I already have a bid on one. It's low so hopefully I don't get it now because I just ordered mine on Club Nintendo!

  • Ryan

    Wait. They're actual wallpapers in america!!!! Here in Europe, all they are is a set of wallpapers for my computer! Ahhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!