LetsongaAkemi, known for her recorder/flute renditions of famous tunes on YouTube has recently released a video that helps us “uncover” the Song of the Hero from Skyward Sword.

She shows each dragon and Levias singing their parts individually, and then splices them together so we can hear if they would actually sound like the real song, or if it’s just random notes.

Hit the jump for the video!

If you listen closely, you can tell that the video is a lower-octave version of the actual song. Here’s the real song to listen to for comparison.

Would you like to see more music like this in future Zelda games? Would having an orchestrated soundtrack be a good idea for the next game? Tell us in the comments!

Source: YouTube (via ZeldaDungeon, tip by Eternal Legend)

  • Chloe

    Wow, I hate how they encourage first comments on here, just look at the text (when there's no comments) It says "There are no comments posted yet. Be the first one!", Ugh.

    • X_factor

      With you commenting, The issue has been resolved.

  • Lol wow, that was pretty cool. Wish they had last part in with the "haa haa HAA HAA HAA HAA!" classic thing with the dragons like they had in the second video for the soundtrack.

  • Rinoa Locke

    also, geeking right now lol.

  • Trixi Triforce

    I feel incredibly odd for getting shivers down my spine from Lanayru's part, yet it happens every single time I hear him. I still kinda feel that combining the 4 dragons parts all together sounds a bit too busy though, specially when compared to the soundtrack… Oh well ^^

  • Eddy

    I wonder why they didn't let u hear the parts together in the game

    • Craig

      Well the voices in the song are meant to be that…

      • Eddy

        whoops my mistake. i guess they do play all the parts together in the game and this was just meant to prove that

  • :O

  • aeolus

    aw, the tadtone song should have been put in there, wouldve sounded nifty

  • Spustatu

    What kind of question is that? Of COURSE orchestrated music would be a good idea. That was an awesome video. I didn't understand the song being broken into four parts in the same way. I thought they were supposed to be attached end to end to make a longer song, not layered together for harmony. Very cool.

  • Linky-pea

    fuck yes for an orchestrated soundtrack in the next game >:D I was so impressed with the SS soundtrack in my opinion there is no going back now

  • Alessandra

    wow this was beautiful, I too am impressed with the entire soundtrack.

  • Me

    I think if you were to change the volumes a bit to match the actual song it would be a lot more recognizable. That was an awesome video nonetheless.