Quite a few rumors have been spreading about Nintendo’s upcoming home console this week as patents have been leaked to show its original design. Now the focus has been turned towards its unannounced pricing. A rumor has been spread by an unnamed inside source that the price will be US$300 which is only $50 more than the original Wii started off costing back at its launch.

This unknown source has also claimed that the Wii U will price at 300 Euros and in Japan for 20,000 Yen which doesn’t sound too bad for a console that’s supposed to have double the power of its rivals on the gaming market. At this time, EB Games Australia has the price set at ย AUS$598 but this is most likely to make sure they don’t annoy customers by having to put the cost higher in case they post it too cheap.

We should hopefully hear most of the important details about the Wii U including price and release date by the time E3 comes in June.

What do you think of this rumored price? Would you be happy to pay this amount of money for the Wii U? Do you think this will be the price at launch? Let us know in the comments!

Source: GoNintendo

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  • I really hope the Wii U won't cost more than $600 here in Australia!

  • Ganonslayer

    Hopefully it's lower than $300.

    • Eric

      Likely $299.95

      • UnrealTSniper

        I don't mind paying $299.95, but $300 is too much

  • Morgan

    The Wii launched with a $250 price point. Considering how much more powerful it is, and how much the Wii costs right now, I don't think it's a bad deal at all. They need to have a good launch line up though.

  • Zelda3607

    Its kinda worth it but if this is true i think nintendo still hasn't learned from the 3DS….So if im gonna get this I'll probably have to wait until they realize their profits will go sky high if they drop the prices a little.

    • Morgan

      You cannot compare this to the 3DS. That was a handheld that launched at $250. A console launching at $300 with more power than the current consoles out there? I'd take it in a heartbeat.

      • Blaze

        True, Morgan.

  • bastian

    Considering that various developers have said that the Wii U is twice as powerful as the XBox 360, I think $300 would be extremely reasonable.

    • Abdul

      agreed the price is more than fair

    • LastCenturion

      especially considering that ps3s and xbox 360s are still $200-$250 even though they've been out for years. That makes a new console with even more power at 300 even better! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • lootic

      I wonder what "twice as powerful" means though. Twice as many fps, flops, ghz, polygons, pixels?

  • Hylian_Knight

    Rather pay $300 then $600. >>

  • Warrior_of_Fire

    If I had $300 dollars, plus tax, on launch day, I'd buy it on launch. So there's still plenty of time until then.

  • Beanboy Link

    Yeah, it'll probably be 300 euros here in Europe, which sucks because $300 is actually worth around 250 euros… Still gonna buy it though.

  • ZeldaPlaya

    300 is a perfectly reasonable price for a home console. But it does need to have a good software lineup at launch. I'm not asking for like 10 triple A titles, five or four perhaps

  • TheMaverickk

    I think after the launch of the 3DS they know better then to ask for more then what the average consumer would want to spend.

    $300 is the sweet price point.

    The Wii launched at roughly that mark ($275 range I believe) and it was an affordable console, especially compared to an extremely pricey competitor.

    Also if they are smart they will launch it with a Wii Sports like game. A game that has smaller games that demo's the possibilities that can be done with the system.

    Either way looking forward to the launch of the new system…. just hoping they don't name it Wii U.

  • Vladislak

    Well heck, I expected it to be a lot more pricey than that given the controller. Then again this is just a rumor… I hope it's true though.

  • Matt Long

    I was expecting it to be a lot more expensive!!
    For $300 I would buy it on launch!! Then again, things always seem to be a little more expensive in Australia…

    And for all those saying they haven't learnt from the 3DS, I'm pretty sure that the Wii U HD console more powerful than a 360, costs a whole lot more to make than a handhold system, especially with a remote of that design, so it can only be expected that a console cost a lot more. Nintendo still have to make money, selling things for less than what they take to make is not good business… ever.

    • Garlog

      Actually, Wii was the first major console in history to not be sold at a loss.

  • Vehdrehl

    I hope we get a good price.. and a Zelda-gold edition! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Dark_Phoenix_Reborn

    i learned my lesson from the wii. im gonna wait till they have all the glitches worked out. not to mention a black one would look pretty sweet and any price drops it has in a year or so after launch will be good to.

    • WiiWiiUAreDumb

      You do know the WiiU is the Wii with a newer controller and update graphics, so all the glitches have technically been fixed. Also waiting for a price drop might be a bad decision, since you might not get it then if it's really a good console once it comes out, but we will find out in 3 months from now, can not wait for E3 ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Soeroah

    "At this time, EB Games Australia has the price set at AUS$598 but this is most likely to make sure they don’t annoy customers by having to put the cost higher in case they post it too cheap."

    Nah, that'll be the retail price, I bet.

  • Mater

    I plan on saving most (if not all) of my money over the Summer.
    Then when it comes out, how ever much it costs, I'll buy it and whatever is left over I'll spend (or save) the rest. mostly on cool ner Wii U stuff. : )

  • mrnjlw1090

    Whatever it costs, I am starting to save up now. I'm just wondering how the new controller will handle.



  • Sanity's_Theif

    Sounds like a good price to me, I was fearing they might say $500, this is good news

  • raxit1337

    Honestly. The PS3's price tag made me cry and writhe in pain and agony. But if word is going around that this is more powerful than the PS3, then I will get it no doubt. My birthday is actually days away from the scheduled launch of this system. So I will definitely use some of my Christmas money + my birthday money to pick this up. I can also get a discount because my brother works at a local game store. But eh, games these days are very expensive. So 300 bucks seems like a price I can live with. Even though it is a lot of money, it seems like something I can imagine investing on. I would wait for the price to drop, as that is a smart thing to do, but I will instead pick it up by launch time.

  • sephirothyuegod

    if it is $200 when it comes out i think more will sell right off the bat

  • superwavebeam

    There are a few comments here that make me wonder if everyone understands that better technology costs more money. Suggesting that they sell the Wii U at 200/250 when it supposedly surpasses the PS3/360's tech is asking for the impossible. Nintendo already confirmed that they CANNOT sell the Wii U for the same price as the Wii.

    Personally, I'd be surprised if the rumor was true. The Wii U would be a steal at that price.

  • UnrealTSniper

    with those 5 cents I can go buy a piece of gum ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Error

    Sounds pretty good to me. A decent sized tablet alone runs a good 200 bucks. I'm happy with this price and think it will help Nintendo compete. I really hope it doesn't go any higher, though.

  • HyruleWeirdo

    Maybe, this time, they could sell it in Australia for less than $200 more than in the U.S.

  • Shishimaru

    The Wii U is availble in Sweden. You can actually buy a Wii U here. Today. Thing is, there are no games, and the price is 5000 SEK (about 600 USD).

  • wow that's expensive.. I would probably still be willing to pay it tho !

  • Spustatu

    I’ve seen a quote from industry analyst Michael Pachter that if WII U sells for more than $260, it will fail. I would personally be quite pleased with $300, half expecting it to cost $350, but I don’t know if the casual crowd will understand why this new console should cost more than the Wii did. I don’t know if they’ll really care.