Zelda News

This midweek we bring you another episode of Zelda News over on our YouTube channel.  Today we discuss the new “epic” trailer for Skyward Sword, a Wii U patent which shows how objects can be manipulated in 3D with the new controller, a rare Zelda controller which sold for thousands, and much more!

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  • raxit1337

    Personally, I'm really worried in terms of the Wii U. It appears to be just a Wii with a tablet controller. Of course it's an interesting idea, but I still think they could have gone for something more reliable. Something that we know that we like, and not leave us skeptic about the controller. They did take consumer tests at E3, but most of the people who go to E3 to test the next-generation consoles are usually the people who have set their opinion on it before they even try it. It's like Skyward Sword. People who may not like Skyward Sword can't share their opinion in front of other Zelda fans because most Zelda fans will be quite angry if you address Skyward Sword with insults. Personally, I think it has flaws. And it's the same with the Wii U. A lot of people have already reviewed the controller just from what they've seen from advertisements and pictures online. And it being a next-generation console from Nintendo adds to this. A lot of people will buy products just because they are made by a certain company, and not consider the fact that it may be a bad product.

    Just my two cents.

  • Bastian looks 'as ancient as the wind' in this video 😀

  • Billy

    Wow. I have that Majora's Mask Adventure Set… maybe I should sell it!