A new member in our forum by the name of herbalcell has created a hyper-realistic image of Ocarina of Time’s Graveyard on Blender.

It is incredibly rare to see such artists develop such breathtaking pieces of art for the Legend of Zelda series.

They have provided us with two screenshots of the Graveyard; One from the original game itself and their rendered version:


OoT Graveyard Before


OoT Graveyard After

According to them, their rendered version took a couple of months to make.

About their work, they had this to say:

“I was hoping this would give people a good idea of what a hyper-realistic Zelda game might feel like, playing on the familiar graveyard we already know and love. Romping through as a child, disturbing gravestones, fighting Poes, digging holes with DampĂ©… I hope my hours of hard work sparks some interesting conversation about future Zelda games.”

How would you feel if Ocarina of Time was remade again with such visuals? Should Ocarina of Time be given yet another remake, maybe on the console after the Wii U for maximum performance of these sort of visuals? Post your comment below!

Check out their thread in our forum to discuss what a hyper-realistic Zelda game might feel like, or check out their blog below for more information regarding their project.

Source: herbalcell