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This week, for our Featured Forum Thread, I had to consider carefully a few threads, and whether or not I would feature a Zelda-related thread or a thread from the other parts of the board. There are so many great discussions going on these days over at our forums, it was hard to decide! After some time and a lot of careful reading, I arrived at this week’s featured forum thread.

Never fear, ZU, for I am diligent and omniscient (sort of) and so I have made the best selection to feature for this week.

“Why the Legend of Zelda Wind Waker is the Best Zelda Game of All Time!” by MushroomzKiller!

Yes, that is the full title. It’s as long as the opening post is detailed, which is to say, it’s incredibly detailed. The author goes into great detail about what makes the game so great, breaking it down into seven key points: the art style, “The Little Things,” exploration, soundtrack, characters and sidequests, humor, and the “Epic Final Boss” fight. The post concludes with a wrap up analysis and then a bonus listing of what order he would rank the games in terms of worst to best.

The thread offers a lot of discussion potential, and I chose it because it has only gotten 19 replies; however, I feel like a thread of this depth has the potential to go on for pages and pages and pages (and pages)!

How do you feel? Do you agree that The Wind Waker is the ultimate Zelda title? Or do you think that there’s no amount of arguing that can put it on top? Give your opinion in the thread itself and see what everyone’s buzzing about!

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