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This week, for our Featured Forum Thread, I had to consider carefully a few threads, and whether or not I would feature a Zelda-related thread or a thread from the other parts of the board. There are so many great discussions going on these days over at our forums, it was hard to decide! After some time and a lot of careful reading, I arrived at this week’s featured forum thread.

Never fear, ZU, for I am diligent and omniscient (sort of) and so I have made the best selection to feature for this week.

“Why the Legend of Zelda Wind Waker is the Best Zelda Game of All Time!” by MushroomzKiller!

Yes, that is the full title. It’s as long as the opening post is detailed, which is to say, it’s incredibly detailed. The author goes into great detail about what makes the game so great, breaking it down into seven key points: the art style, “The Little Things,” exploration, soundtrack, characters and sidequests, humor, and the “Epic Final Boss” fight. The post concludes with a wrap up analysis and then a bonus listing of what order he would rank the games in terms of worst to best.

The thread offers a lot of discussion potential, and I chose it because it has only gotten 19 replies; however, I feel like a thread of this depth has the potential to go on for pages and pages and pages (and pages)!

How do you feel? Do you agree that The Wind Waker is the ultimate Zelda title? Or do you think that there’s no amount of arguing that can put it on top? Give your opinion in the thread itself and see what everyone’s buzzing about!

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  • I can't understand how people could still hate The Wind Waker after reading this post



  • Sanity's_Theif

    Sorry but I strongly disagree, WW is my least favorite Zelda, I need to write an article titled "Why The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask is the Best Zelda Game of All Time!"

    • If you read the whole thing and played the whole game Wind Waker you might like it more.
      I am not saying that The Wind Waker is the best zelda game I am saying that it shouldn't be anyone's lease favorite

      • Sanity's_Theif

        I DID play the whole game and beat it, I even did a lot of the sidequests, I've tried going back to it once but I couldn't force myself to replay it, I just simply did not enjoy the game, it is the least favorite Zelda for me and among all my friends that play Zelda

        Not saying it's a badly constructed game, all Zelda games are made well, but out of all of the ones me and my friends have played, Wind Waker and Skyward Sword are our least favorite Zeldas, I find this common even among other people I talk about Zelda to who aren't my friends, it's just opinions

        • I know many of people didn't like the sailing and graphics but if you hate the story I don't think you have played the whole game.

      • Spoon

        No, I don't think TWW should be anyone's favorite interest in real property.


        • Banooru

          Are you kidding!? Any Zelda fan would DIE for that Cabana Title Deed!

          and the door butler that comes with it.

    • Flopoz

      I feel MM is overrated especially among the Zelda Community. Don't get me wrong, it's an amazing game and definitely around the top 5, but too many people are overlooking and ignoring its flaws just because it's so "dark and depressing with deep adult themes blah blah blah"

      And yes, I've read up on some amazing fan theories, played the game myself, and read up everything I could about it too. I went through my own phase of being in love with MM but after a while I took a step back and realized some of its flaws and that while it gets extra points for being disturbing and whatnot, there still exists problems that hold it back.

      I also suspect Nostalgia as a reason for it's popularity with fans but hey, just my opinion.

    • santi10

      There already is an article like that it was made by Hylian Dan titled " The Message Of Majora's Mask" 😉

  • raxit1337

    Majora's Mask is my favorite.

  • Alwime

    Top Zelda game, that's undeniable… and every zelda game is top.
    Just add in the formula HD grafics, a vast overworld (a real vast), wii motion plus (the skyward milestone), touch screen (easy and natural item map check) an active princess Zelda and lots of sidequests, no other zelda game has all this, but they could, all of them.

  • aeolus

    Meh, I really like WW, but I feel like parts of it are WAY too "kiddy", and I don't mean graphics. The enemies were, for the most part, way too ridiculously slow and boring. You hit them, knock them down, wait for them to get back up to a certain position, then repeat… its irritating. MOST of the game is incredible though and I LOVE it! But I don't know if its my favorite….

  • Eli

    Just out of curiosity, what is your favorite Zelda game and why?

    • Banooru

      1) MM ! ! !
      2) LA
      3) TWW
      4) Skyward Sword
      5) ALTTP
      6) OoT
      7) TP
      8) …etc…

      Majora's Mask, because…
      -cool masks
      -horrifying moon
      -deep characters
      -unique storyline
      -awesome gameplay
      -the list can go on and on. In one sentence, I would say because of it's beautiful analysis of the human condition. If anyone hasn't played this game all the way through, I highly suggest you do. Don't just play through it though, try to see the artistic merit of each element in the game. Prepare to be disturbed, but when you finish the game, you will most likely be enlightened even though the message changes for everyone.

      What is your favorite game?

  • Hey

    It's all a matter of opinion…no one is right or wrong because of what they believe is the best Zelda game…

  • ZeldaPlaya

    I just no I'm gonna get flagged for this. But in my opinion. SKYWARD SWORD IS THE BEST. Amazing characters, orcheastrated music, great controls, great level design, and an epic emotional story. I simply loved it.

    • Banooru

      I thumbed you up. Skyward Sword isn't my favorite Zelda game, but it is awesome. Although there are little things I could nag about it, the only real problem I have is there wasn't MORE SKYWARD SWORD TO PLAY ! ! !

      ***SPOILER ALERT*** if you haven't beaten skyward sword

      I almost wish there was another world to conquer when you go back in time after Demon Lord Ghirahim (yes, I indulge with full titles) takes Zelda, and it was like the Dark World in ALTTP. Then, you have to collect the triforce again (maybe it isn't below the statue of the goddess yet).

  • Kyle

    Yep all of these statements post here are just opinions.

  • LegendofMerah

    After years of playing Zelda games and trying to decide which one is my favorite, I eventually gave up because I love them all so much, and I can't find any way to justify liking one more than another. However, Wind Waker was my first Zelda game, so there's no doubt that it will always be special to me.

  • Justin

    To be quite Honest my favourite is Skyward Sword. I hate somethings about it but love a lot of things about it. It's a really good game. My least favourite one is the Adventure of Link…. It's not that it's bad, it's just too damn hard. I play for like 30s and I die every time. I like OoT but I don't find it's as replayable as SS. That's why I like it so much… Basically this is my list.

    1. Skyward Sword
    2. Twilight Princess
    3. Ocarina of Time
    4. Wind Waker
    5. Majora's Mask.

    Can't wait for more Legend of Zelda games. I could rant about all the good and bad stuff in each game but… I don't think people would be to interested in that.