One of Nintendo’s greatest series–The Legend of Zelda–had its 25th anniversary end just two days ago, and while the celebration may not be quite over just yet, these past two days have given everyone some time to reflect on just what an amazing year we’ve all had as Zelda fans.

We got a grand total of five Zelda games, an entire symphony dedicated to only Zelda music, and the beloved Hyrule Historia. Skyward Sword was a great addition to our expansive library of Zelda games and the repackaging and distribution of Ocarina of Time 3D, Four Swords: Anniversary Edition, and Link’s Awakening DX has whetted our insatiable appetites. Minish Cap was graciously given to us by those in the 3DS’s Ambassador program and we have seen the possibilities of what a Wii U Zelda can bring to us in glorious HD.

Besides it being such a great year on the game front, there was also the release of Hyrule Historia, and at long last the official timeline; Zelda discussion has been top notch. We’ve gotten 25th anniversary posters, a Zelda-themed 3DS, and plenty of other goodies are still coming our way. What we have gotten is beyond what anyone could have imagined, especially after the drought of Zelda games in the 1990s. What we have gotten is amazing and we should all be thankful that Nintendo has respected and managed to keep such a great series running for so long.

But as Zelda fans its much more than games and merchandise being released, its the end of a generation in a sense. All the games before Skyward Sword are just warm ups for what the future of Zelda truly holds. From the Wii U demo we saw, all we want is a Hi-Def, next generation Zelda experience. Skyward Sword marked the beginning of the end of “those kind of Zelda” games we are all used to. As Zelda fans, we want more, we want the most Link can offer us. Our senses need to be pushed to the limit and while Skyward Sword was an awesome entry, I couldn’t help but feeling a little underwhelmed. We just want more.

And hopefully, more is what we’ll get. We won’t get it in this quality or quantity at least for another 25 years. But games will come and each release will be something to cherish, this I can guarantee. The 25th Anniversary site may be gone for now, but in its wake we are left with passion and fire in our bellies excited for what is to come.

This year will be remembered by Zelda fans for generations to come. We received a lot from Nintendo on the Zelda front these past 365 days and now it is time to simmer down and wait and watch for the next Zelda game to come. Enjoy some of this year’s games or enjoy some past ones while you wait, because the future always is something to look forward to. And it is no where near the twilight of Zelda. This is the Dawn of the Second Day, a new life into old classics. I am Error if I say otherwise.

Because the future is a secret to everyone.