Nintendo’s newest game console is still not finished. Recently Nintendo filed for new patents, revealing some of the directions they may be taking their system, some of which will hopefully be revealed at E3.

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Nintendo has recently filed their Wii U patent with the following features.

  • Voice recognition
  • “one or more additional microphones… may be provided on the front and/or back surfaces”
  • facial recognizing technology
  • possible video phone
  • gun-style controller/attachment
  • keyboard input
  • possible 3D controller screen
  • possible HD controller screen

Remember, these things are simply patents that Nintendo has filed for their new controller. Due to this, they may not all be implemented, but as they are still patents, they may be used later as attachments. Even so, we will probably not know the complete truth until E3, so until then, these patent filings are all we have to go on.

Which features do you really want to see on the new system? Leave your reply in the comments.

Source: Kotaku (via GoNintendo)

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