Nintendo’s newest game console is still not finished. Recently Nintendo filed for new patents, revealing some of the directions they may be taking their system, some of which will hopefully be revealed at E3.

Hit the jump to see the list.

Nintendo has recently filed their Wii U patent with the following features.

  • Voice recognition
  • “one or more additional microphones… may be provided on the front and/or back surfaces”
  • facial recognizing technology
  • possible video phone
  • gun-style controller/attachment
  • keyboard input
  • possible 3D controller screen
  • possible HD controller screen

Remember, these things are simply patents that Nintendo has filed for their new controller. Due to this, they may not all be implemented, but as they are still patents, they may be used later as attachments. Even so, we will probably not know the complete truth until E3, so until then, these patent filings are all we have to go on.

Which features do you really want to see on the new system? Leave your reply in the comments.

Source: Kotaku (via GoNintendo)

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  • Acostar62

    all of these would be awesome!!

    • that guy

      I completely agree 🙂

  • John

    Voice AND face recognition? That's nifty :3

    • X_factor

      I image it could also be tedious… and nifty 🙂

  • Pharamos

    Yes please.

  • Richard

    Well it would be impressing if the Wii U broke records against the Iphones. Come on show us the guts you have in your brain that you could put all kinds of features!!!!!!!!

  • robotortoise

    Nintendo 3DS Player, anyone?

    • I'd prefer a DS player…

      • robotortoise

        …By the time the Wii U comes out, the Nintendo DS will be almost obsolete.(to Nintendo, at least)

        • Truth

          Let it play both.

          • robotortoise

            Or that. If the device used software emulation, it would be ridiculously easy to make it play DS games along with 3DS games.

    • Not Nintendo 3DS player add-on. I would say, a way to connect your Nintendo 3DS to the Wii U via wired and/or wireless connection, play all DS, DSi, and 3DS titles on your TV and the Wii U touchpad controller. 3DS titles playable in both 2D and 3D on either your 3D HDTV and Wii U 3D controller screen.

      • robotortoise

        ….I wish. Something like that would be VERY hard to make, and kind of pointless.
        The point of the Gameboy Player was to make money off people who only had gamcubes, and not GBAs.
        The point of a 3DS player would be to make money off people who only had Wii Us, and not 3DSes.

        I honestly doubt it would happen, anyhow. It's just wishful thinking…. :/

        • Truth

          Here is something to consider. I'm not sure if Nintendo made much money off the GameBoy Player, but it sure as hell had a positive effect on my loyalty towards Nintendo Products. They should do a DS/3DS Player, even if they don't make much money on it. It would give the Wii U ability to play many games even on day 1 of its release, if they release the ability at the same time as the Wii U itself.

          • robotortoise

            Yeah, it'd be cool alright.

            And the GBA player, they made more money on the games, not the player/

  • Richard

    Put all the stuff in the Wii U that Apple hasn't done on their Ipads and Iphones.

  • Richard

    I play the Nintendo 3DS.

  • I'd love it except for two problems: weight and energy. Every single one of those things are probably gonna make it heavier and each one makes it suck up those batteries faster then you can get 16 new batteries.

    • lootic

      Most of the time the things that weighs in electronics are heatsinks, batteries, hard drives and DVD players. I cant see this adding that much weight.

    • Heriod77777

      It is weightless, I have seen people hold it in videos and they say its lighter than a IPad ( That is light.)

  • LastCenturion

    Sounds cool! But I wonder if it'll use batteries or charging. Honestly, I hope it uses both. Charging as primary power without the need for batteries, and batteries being optional when you don't have time to charge it. Or maybe a combo that makes it lose power even slower if you combine the two.

    • Heriod77777

      ( sigh…..) Thats old news to me, I seen a Wii U being played on in a video and it was plugged in from a cord.

  • SageofFire

    That's a little over the top in my opinion. I think Nintendo's overestimating themselves a bit. Not saying I don't want all those things, it'd be cool, but it's a little doubtful.

  • Paul

    This is lame! The game cube controller was the last decent controller Nintendo will ever see. Adding a bunch of gimmicks like those just make me want the system even less.

  • I just proof read an article as an editor on a news website, and it seems the controller with a 3D screen would be rather awesome; feel free to take a look at what we've written:

    It's not quite finished as their a few small formatting issues, but I'll correct that during the morning; late at night over in the UK.

  • Does the 3D controller have anything to do with the 3DS tecnology? The screen is a little to big for that and that's kinda scary… Maybe they want to make it like those new 3D TV's where you need to charge your galsses. Yuck

  • Puck

    The first two patents sound the most useful for a zelda game; after all if the Wii U can recognise voices than dialogue could be input by players, solving the voice-acting conundrum. Facial recognition could speed up file access.