We even have an awesome poster image!

As some of you know, the latest edition of Design a Boss–Djinn–has officially been running since late January and many people have already submitted entries!

We love to see each challenge up the amp on competition and we’re hard at work to make this the best Design a Boss Competition ever, but we need your help!

This competition features whole new challenges and prizes, including the opportunity to see your own boss idea realized in an actual game! Juicy bits to follow after the jump!

Surely you know of a team of ZU members that have been hard at work developing the site’s own Zelda fan game tentatively titled Timeless Haven. The game is built on the visual base from The Minish Cap, though there is a lot of original content including story and characters, thoughy of course you will see some of your favorites (like Tingle). Now you have the chance to contribute to this game. That’s right, the first place winner gets the ultimate reward of seeing their boss implemented in the fan game itself!

Other prizes include Legend of Zelda merchandise and cameos in the game. This time the challenge is focused on a 2D perspective boss, something that’s never been done in the past. The creators of Design a Boss are very excited and we’re still looking for more entries to make this the most nail-biting conclusion to the contest so far. If you don’t know enough about 2D or have any reservations, never fear! Visit the main thread here for rules, sample entry, more information, the latest demo of Timeless Heaven and inspiration galore!

The deadline is March 11th, so start brainstorming and enter while you can!