As a fan of Indie Rock and as a musician, I figured this was something awesome that needs to be shared here on the site. YouTube user Tonido has added his own version of “The Ballad of the Windfish.” This version starts out with one sweet guitar riff (which is just the basic “Ballad of the Windfish”) and leads into a cool rock part.

Hit the jump to listen to this awesome song!

Source: Youtube (via GoNintendo)

  • CJ!

    this sounds AWSOME!

  • RobertStyx

    Eh, it's alright. Not my favourite cover of the song, but it's by no means bad.
    Prefer CSGuitar89's cover of the song over this one.

    • bastian

      Really? To each their own, but I prefer this one because I prefer indie rock to metal. And also I feel this version shows a bit more creativity in the arrangement.

      • RobertStyx

        To each their own indeed. I normally can't stand indie rock, so in that regard, this is fantastic, given I got the whole way through it. Not a big fan of the guitar tone they used in it, and I actually prefer the arrangement of the other on as well.

  • Fer

    OMG… i didn’t think it’d sound so freakin cool… it sounds SOOOOOOOO freakin cool!!!

  • ZiggyStardust

    It's pretty…… boring….. White bread….. plain flavored popsicles….. mayonnaise…. hipster shit is always awful.

  • Halayuuko

    Boring? Right, so people can climax over a generic metal cover that doesn’t add to or manipulate the song in any way besides a change of instrument, but a song in which someone actually makes their own RENDITION and changes/adds to/the arrangement, is boring?! Sigh, guess covers these days have to contain outrageous drum beats and obnoxiously generic, overly distorted guitars to be respectable. When in fact it’s metal covers that sound generic and cliche half of the time.

    This cover instantly gained respect from me, I wouldn’t say it’s quite “indie” as the clean sections aren’t quite chirpy enough, but there’s definantely some complex arrangement and effects in this cover.

    • bastian

      I couldn't agree more. Most of the metal covers are just note-for-note reproductions of the original song with metal "drums" (often synthetic) whereas this arrangement makes a point of writing brand new parts and a different structure. As a musician, I just have more respect for a cover that's trying to do something a bit more different than simple genre change.

  • Jellisoup

    Just want to say, this is not really Indie Rock at all. This sounds like straight rock to me.

    • Jack

      defs. Someone needs to do a shoegaze zelda cover pronto.

  • Gwydion

    Don't care what it technically is, I just know that I love it!