Zelda has taught us many life lessons; including bravery, persistence, courage, friendship, and altruism. But with the emergence of Skyward Sword one more aspect was present—love. Link and Zelda’s relationship may have not yet reached the point of love, but perhaps if we were able to follow along in their journey we would find their love story unfold. Link may have not yet known it himself, but he did prove to Zelda he loved her in numerous ways—winning the bird flying contest, chasing after her throughout Hyrule to confirm her safety, and ultimately rescuing her from the clutches of evil.

Buying chocolates, jewelry, and roses, this Tuesday marks the day in which people around the world celebrate their love for one another. Valentine’s Day was meant to be celebrated in a way such that people could profess their heart’s emotions, but today in our modern society we have turned it into a holiday in which chocolates run rampant. Zelda has an unbiased society in which love has not been corrupted by a modern material based society; therefore, it provides an excellent example to learn what it means to love.

Love should be unbiased, unconditional, and uncontrollable by outside forces; it can’t be a fixed or forced emotion, but rather something we as humans can’t control. Our society tends to want to control everything thing we do in our daily lives down to the minute details. We don’t get to choose who, what, or how we fall into this complicated world, and sometimes that world falls onto us without any warning. Love can be a complicated situation that we must pursue with open eyes and an open heart. Nothing should get in one’s way—be it a disagreement, creepy ex-boyfriend/girlfriend, or a vehement evil force threatening to destroy the world you live in—if they know what they are feeling are true emotions of love. Link put his very life in danger countless times to not only protect the ones he loved but also to rescued the one he loved the most from the clutches of darkness. If you love someone, if they are the one, then you don’t stop. You don’t quit. You never go too far.

Every person deserves to be loved by someone. Even if it appears that there is no one who cares about you and it feels like you should just give up, love will always find a way to the hearts of those who accept it even in the darkest hours of one’s life.  Anything as simple as a smile, saying hello, or just holding a door for someone can lead to finding someone that will appreciate you for who you are. A total stranger can soon become your best friend. This is a personal situation I once found myself in. A dark period arose in my life, but then without realizing it, I found my best friend. Love will always find a way to heal those in need. Don’t ever lose hope or give up—one day love and happiness will seek you.

So what exactly does love mean? Link never stopped, he kept going, he fought for what he loved, and he never let opposing forces get in the way. Love is defined as a feeling of tender affection toward somebody such as a close relative or friend, or something such as a place or ideal; however, I believe this definition falls short from the truth. I believe an emotion as great as love cannot be defined. If a person truly loves someone or something, the feelings they experience are personal and distinct to their own self; they cannot be put into humanly words. Love is expressible only by actions not by words. Not once has Link spoken a word to Zelda; yet, she still expresses her emotions for him. On the contrary, I am not saying communication isn’t vital in a relationship. Without communication any relationship is bound to fail. But then again, I love pizza and have never spoken to it; that would be disturbing.

The modern world we live in has become materialistic and lost the idea of communicating and love. Love cannot be bought; it must be sought after and built upon emotions, not ones wealth.  If you truthfully love someone you won’t text, e-mail, or fax them saying you love them, you will look them in the eyes and express your feelings.  Actually talking and sharing your thoughts will lead to an unbreakable love.  Love doesn’t have to involve the traditional love shared by two individuals.  It can simply be a small act of charity you do for someone.

Today was a day meant for love to be spread throughout the world. Embrace love for what it is, don’t deny it, and don’t ignore it. It can change your whole life forever. It makes us what we are. It brings individuals together in an unexplainable manner.  This Valentine’s Day don’t forget about the true meaning of love. Materialist things will soon pass and fade away but the love we hold for each other will outlast any type of candy or cute stuffed animal. Zelda has given us many life lessons but today remember one of the most important of all: a heart contains four pieces—one to love yourself, one to love your family, one to love your friends, and one to love your soul mate.