If you have a lot of free time this weekend and want to watch some popular 1Up writers play A Link to the Past, now’s a good time to catch up!

Last we reported on them, they were on “Part 2” and just barely out of the first dungeon. Now they’re up to “Part 9”! And we’ve got them all here for you after the jump!

Source: 1Up

  • ArkhamOfFear

    Have they not played ALttP before??

    • Zelda3607

      o crap sorry i ment to pick the thumbs up. anyway they probably havnt considering how i felt watching them groose off (well bad joke but thats for calling link groose they had it coming.)

  • Zelda3607

    Why is ZU calling this the legend of groose this game is awesome not stupid, pathetic (yet hilarious), like Groose (NO offense to Groose fans!) But seriously.

    • ijuin

      Well, the Retronauts decided to enter "Groose" in the player name entry screen, presumably for fun.